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Drones and Topographic Surveying: A Match Made in Heaven

Drones were once seen as futuristic devices which were the preserve of the military and scientific projects. But if one sector embodies the move of drones into the mainstream, it is in topographic surveying. This is where unmanned aircraft are now a fundamental part of modern map making. It is accepted that drones have singlehandedly … Continued

27th April 2018

Wingtra vs Sensefly eBee

Wingtra and Sensefly’s eBee are two of the finest fixed-wing drones available. If you’re on the lookout for a fixed-wing drone, there’s no doubt you will have come across these two. But which one is best suited to your commercial applications? There are many reasons why you would choose a fixed-wing for you commercial drone … Continued

23rd April 2018

Propeller AeroPoints – Do they work in the real world?

With the increase in drones being used as a key surveying tool, many questions are being asked about the accuracy of their GPS positioning from the sky. 3D mapping can be easily achieved with the use of a basic GPS enabled drone and processing software. However, for times when pinpoint accuracy is required, it is … Continued

21st September 2017

Is UAV LiDAR the Next Big Thing for Surveying?

In the world of technological innovation, there usually comes a time where an invention crosses over from cutting-edge, into the mainstream, from being a great concept, into a greater reality. UAV LiDAR is one such technology. What could be better than mobile LiDAR? Affordable airborne LiDAR, of course! The world of surveying covers such a … Continued

13th July 2017

Drones in Construction: 4 Key Benefits

Drones may have started out as merely a toy for hobbyists and photographers, however, they are now becoming a key tool in a number of industries as drone technology continues to advance. Over the past 18 months, COPTRZ has seen an enormous increase in the number of businesses using drones in construction, many of whom … Continued

29th June 2017

Pix Makes Perfect: Pix4D Drone Surveying Software

When it comes to software for drone surveying, Pix4D is one of the best options available. COPTRZ takes a closer look at some inspiring case studies, and asks how UAV operators can utilize its features to get the most out of their drone data There’s certainly no denying commercial drone technology is revolutionizing many difference … Continued

26th April 2017

DJI Matrice 210 RTK – Widening the Horizons for Drones in Surveying

Surveying is a big opportunity for drone operators. But until now, development in the sector has been hampered by a lack of drones built specifically for that market. Enter the Matrice 210 RTK: the latest addition to the Matrice 200 Series. It’s built for surveying, construction and similar industries, with additional features that make it … Continued

12th April 2017

Micasense RedEdge vs Parrot Sequoia

If you are in the market for a multispectral camera that can revolutionise your drone use, two models you might well have come across are the Micasense RedEdge and the Parrot Sequoia. While a large factor in your final decision might come down to the budget you have at your disposal, here we run through the main features … Continued

21st October 2016