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DJI NEWS: Report on DJI Data Security Released

Last week, DJI released a report from a third-party investigation into DJI data practices. DJI’s storage, collection and use of data from their drones, software and services were under the microscope. This concluded in DJI having full control of these areas. The third-party was Kivu Consulting, based in San Francisco, and they focussed on DJI’s … Continued

2nd May 2018

A Closer Look at DJI’s CrystalSky Range

The CrystalSky range has been created for outdoor aerial imaging, and the monitor features an incredibly impressive ultra-bright or high-bright screen, made to be used in sunlight. It is designed from the ground up to be used to be used seamlessly with the DJI GO app, thus giving camera operators complete control. The CrystalSky has … Continued

24th April 2018

NEWS FLASH: DJI Matrice 200 Series Firmware Update

DJI has announced there is a new firmware update (v01.01.0900) available for the M200 series. Here are some of the key updates announced: Added support for the DJI Zenmuse XT2 gimbal and camera (requires DJI Pilot App V0.6.0). Added payload SDK to support third-party payloads. Optimised the unlocking feature for Fly Safe. Optimised compass data … Continued

22nd April 2018

Head to Head: DJI Mavic Air vs DJI Mavic Pro

DJI’s Mavic Pro and Mavic Air are two of the most portable drones available on the market. The Mavic Air is DJI’s latest addition to the Mavic family, joining the Pro as a fantastic, travel-friendly 4K ready drone. They’re both fantastic startup drones or as a backup in your fleet. Traditionally seen as hobbyist drones, … Continued

12th April 2018

Using the DJI Mavic Pro as a commercial enterprise drone.

The DJI Mavic Pro started out as one of the finest hobbyist drones on the market. It has since become an incredibly popular drone for commercial enterprises. This blog takes you through why the Mavic Pro would be ideal for your business. The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet extremely powerful drone. It features … Continued

11th April 2018

News Flash: DJI updates Zenmuse X7 to support Apple ProRes RAW

Got the Monday blues? Well we here at COPTRZ have got some great news for you, straight from the newsdesk of DJI. The Zenmuse X7 has upgraded and now supports Apple ProRes Raw. This is a free update for users with the RAW activation package for Inspire 2/Zenmuse X7. The upgrade will be enabled through … Continued

9th April 2018

DJI Zenmuse XT2: A Closer Look at DJI’s Latest Payload

At a recent event in Menlo Park, CA, DJI announced the launch of two exciting products aimed at the enterprise and commercial applications UAV market. The first was a new payload software development kit (SDK) which opens up the DJI Matrice 200 Series platform to third-party developers wishing to integrate their own payloads. The second … Continued

5th April 2018

AeroScope – DJI Drone Detection System

The use of drones has grown tremendously over the past 2 years, both in hobbyist and commercial aspects. With the increasing number of drones taking to the skies, naturally, there is a growing concern for public safety, air traffic safety and privacy. In response, DJI, in partnership with COPTRZ, has unveiled AeroScope, a new solution … Continued

15th February 2018