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The Ultimate Drone Glossary: A Beginner’s Guide

When you first pickup your drone, sometimes the technical terms used can be a little confusing, that’s where we come in to help you. Here at COPTRZ we have put together a drone glossary of all the important drone terms that you may need to know. Key Terms/Companies: 3D Mapping: This is a software package … Continued

21st May 2018

A Closer Look at DJI’s CrystalSky Range

The CrystalSky range has been created for outdoor aerial imaging, and the monitor features an incredibly impressive ultra-bright or high-bright screen, made to be used in sunlight. It is designed from the ground up to be used to be used seamlessly with the DJI GO app, thus giving camera operators complete control. The CrystalSky has … Continued

24th April 2018

Wingtra vs Sensefly eBee

Wingtra and Sensefly’s eBee are two of the finest fixed-wing drones available. If you’re on the lookout for a fixed-wing drone, there’s no doubt you will have come across these two. But which one is best suited to your commercial applications? There are many reasons why you would choose a fixed-wing for you commercial drone … Continued

23rd April 2018

Drone Licence UK: What are the regulations?

Drone regulations UK is a hot topic at the moment. Our guide will tell you all you need to know about drone regulations in the UK. Where you can and can’t fly, as well as shedding some light on new registration requirements. Before you get that drone flying, it’s important you understand some of the … Continued

13th April 2018

Head to Head: DJI Mavic Air vs DJI Mavic Pro

DJI’s Mavic Pro and Mavic Air are two of the most portable drones available on the market. The Mavic Air is DJI’s latest addition to the Mavic family, joining the Pro as a fantastic, travel-friendly 4K ready drone. They’re both fantastic startup drones or as a backup in your fleet. Traditionally seen as hobbyist drones, … Continued

12th April 2018

Using the DJI Mavic Pro as a commercial enterprise drone.

The DJI Mavic Pro started out as one of the finest hobbyist drones on the market. It has since become an incredibly popular drone for commercial enterprises. This blog takes you through why the Mavic Pro would be ideal for your business. The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet extremely powerful drone. It features … Continued

11th April 2018

Head to Head: DJI Phantom 4 Pro vs DJI Inspire 2

One of the biggest battles that rages on in the world of commercial drones, DJI’s Inspire 2 vs the Phantom 4 Pro. Two of the most impressive quadcopters the market has to offer, we here at COPTRZ have compared the two to see which is best for you! The Spec Phantom 4 Pro The Phantom … Continued

10th April 2018

DJI M200 or Inspire 2? Choosing the right drone for your business

The decision-making process which can accompany purchasing a drone for commercial use warrants some careful thought – after all, it is likely to be one of the most significant outlays made by your business over the course of the year. In this blog, we take a close look at two of the most prominent quadcopters … Continued

5th March 2018