COPTRZ News: Federal Aviation Administration Announce New Drone Restrictions

At the request of the Department of Defence, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have announced new drone restriction measures. The measures are being put in place to address the potential threat that is posed by malicious drone operations. Their intention is to establish drone specific airspace restrictions over select, national security sensitive locations. What’s changing? … Continued

22nd May 2018

The Ultimate Drone Glossary: A Beginner’s Guide

When you first pickup your drone, sometimes the technical terms used can be a little confusing, that’s where we come in to help you. Here at COPTRZ we have put together a drone glossary of all the important drone terms that you may need to know. Key Terms/Companies: 3D Mapping: This is a software package … Continued

21st May 2018

Drone Flying Manoeuvres: A Quick Step Guide

Before you take to the skies it’s important you learn some simple drone manoeuvres to enhance your drone flying experience. Here at COPTRZ, as one of the leading drone training NQE’s in the UK, we have compiled some of the best manoeuvres, and created a simple guide to help you to develop your skills. 1. … Continued

18th May 2018

Using DJI FlightHub in the emergency services

With FlightHub, leading manufacturer DJI have fulfilled a need for accuracy, efficiency and organisation which is integral to the way in which police and fire services manage their drone use. Commercial drone use in the UK is growing, hand in hand with the prevalent technologies which are pushing the sector further. With more unmanned aircraft … Continued

17th May 2018

COPTRZ Emergency Services Drone Demo Day

Here at COPTRZ we hosted a fantastic drone demo day down at the Norfolk Showground with the emergency services. On show were a number of the superb products that we have available in our store. This included the impressive Aeroscope drone detection unit. There were also demos for the Flyability Elios and DJI’s Matrice 210. … Continued

16th May 2018

Top 5 Drone Mapping Software Packages

The commercial drones market has come of age in the past five years or so. Today’s drones carry high-definition cameras and advanced tracking software making them suitable for all kinds of commercial tasks including powerline inspection, forestry management, weather reporting and, of course, mapping. 3D mapping is perhaps the most accessible of these features, with … Continued

15th May 2018

Head to Head: Flir Duo Pro R vs Zenmuse XT2

The Zenmuse XT2 and the Flir Duo Pro R are two of the most impressive thermal imaging cameras available. If you’ve been looking for a thermal imaging camera for your commercial drone operations then it’s highly likely you’ll have come across one of these two. Let’s start by looking at some of the key technical … Continued

14th May 2018

Choosing the right camera for drone surveys

With the rise in drone technology over the past few years has come the broadening of choice when it comes to aerial cameras. There are a huge variety of cameras now available to choose from, making picking the right model for the job a potentially complex process. Drone surveying is one such task which relies … Continued

12th May 2018