• How long does it take to obtain my PfCO?

    The process takes on average 8 weeks from initial pre-course reading through to receiving your PfCO. This timescale depends on a number of factors including amendments needed to your operations manual or whether you need to delay your flight test so that you can train with your drone.

    Pre-course reading – 8 hours (estimated)

    There is no set time for this as it depends completely on your learning style but we estimate an average of 8 hours pre-course reading. You will be given your pre-course reading material well in advance of your course so you will have plenty of time to prepare.

    Ground school (theory course and exam) – 3 days

    You will be required to attend 3 days of theory training, with your theory test being held at the end of the 2nd day. On the third day will be a operations manual walkthrough.

    Practical flight assessment – 1 Day

    Your practical flight test will be held on the 4th day of the course, weather permitting. It is also possible to delay your flight assessment if you feel that you need more time to practise with your drone.

    Operations manual review – 5 days

    COPTRZ trainers will review the first draft of your operations manual before you submit to the CAA. In most cases, there is recommended amendments.

    Submission to CAA – 28 days

    The CAA’s standard turnaround time once they have received your application is 28 days.

  • Do I need drone insurance before submitting my PfCO?

    Yes. The CAA has stipulated that all persons applying for their PfCO or renewing an existing PfCO must have adequate drone insurance in place.

    It is a requirement that you submit evidence of your insurance alongside your operations manual when applying for your PfCO.

    COPTRZ recommend Moonrock as a comprehensive drone insurance provider.

  • What if I fail my theory test?

    Anyone who attends a COPTRZ CAA Course is eligible for a free same day resit of the theory test if you fail up to 2 out of the 6 modules. COPTRZ trainers will provide you with additional training on your failed modules to ensure that you have the best possible chance of passing.

    If you fail the resit you will be required to re-attend the ground school.

    During the booking process, there is an option to purchase a COPTRZ CAA Course Guarantee for £99 (Incl. VAT) which gives you the option of a complete course resit or refund if you fail to pass.

  • What if I fail my practical flight assessment?

    Anyone who attends a COPTRZ CAA Course is eligible for a free resit of the practical flight test if you fail in the first instance. It may be possible to do this on the same day or you may have to book on another date if it’s evident that you need more practice with your drone.

    If you fail the resit you will be required to re-book the flight assessment

  • I've passed my CAA course. What's the next step?

    Once you have completed your COPTRZ CAA Training Course, it’s now time to complete your operations manual and submit your first draft to review@coptrz.com. One of our expert trainers will review your ops manual and return it to you with recommended amendments.

    After completing your recommended amendments, you are now required to submit your application directly to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). In order for your application to be accepted, you need to provide the following:

    • Your operations manual (with recommended changes made)
    • Completed SRG 1320 form
    • Your theory and flight assessment certificates
    • Your logbook evidence showing that you have completed at least 2 hours total SUS/SUSA flight time in the last 3 months
    • A copy of your drone insurance certificate
    • PfCO fee