Want to attend our Pix4D workshop but your decision maker says no?

by coptrz on November 8, 2016

Are you ready to bring your workplace up to date?

Thanks for taking an interest in our Pix4Dmapper workshops. You’re already one step ahead of the competition!

We know, however, that you’re probably going to have to persuade at least one more person before getting the A-OK on the purchase order to book you’re place. It’s OK: we’ve saved you the hassle. Below is an email template for you to use – just delete/add in details as you see fit!

We’re so glad you’re interested in the Pix4Dmapper workshops, because it really will change your business practices. The software is so efficient, has so many applications, and will significantly speed up your modelling processes. What’s not to love?

If you’re still having trouble getting the go-ahead from a budget-conscious boss, let us know. Just get in touch and tell us who we need to speak to – we’ll make sure your place is secured after a quick chat with your decision maker!

Thanks for your interest, and we hope to continue seeing you here at Coptrz.

Email template for you to send to your decision maker to attend the workshop

Dear Boss/Captain/M’lud/The Almighty Ruler of Our Company,

I came across a workshop for PIX4D mapper software and really think it’s something we should look at. We’re missing a trick by not sending our [insert technical team/name of person here] on this course, especially as this is the only UK provider, so we’re not going to find it anywhere buy amlodipine 5mg online uk else.

I’ve been reading up about PIX4Dmapper software and it’s pretty awesome, and definitely something we should have in our arsenal to offer our customers as part of our services. It’s a 3D mapping tool, and it uses masses of cloud data taken from drones as well as image data captured on a normal camera. It’d really speed up how we work, if we used software like this to build our 3D models for clients.

I know we’re only just starting out using drones/ we’re already established with drone software / haven’t got any drone surveys done yet [delete as applicable], but either way it looks like PIX4D is likely to be our best option for data processing on our surveys and building models.

There are lots of applications, and we could even diversify with other packages such as the Agri Pro option, depending on where you see the business heading in the future.

Can we talk about sending [me/you/the entire company] for this course? To me, it makes perfect sense to get the training while it’s still exclusive and our competitors might not have latched onto it yet. We’ll be well ahead and able to wow clients with immediate effect.

What do you reckon?


[Your name here, otherwise they’ll think something fishy is going on]

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