Things We Wish Drones Could Do

by coptrz on June 17, 2016

While keeping this blog as PG-rated as possible, we wanted to have a discussion about the things we wish drones could do. We know they’re already pretty cool gadgets, doing all sorts from delivering medicine to remote areas to even carrying people.

But what do drones NOT do yet that we wish they could? You never know, some super-scientist might read this list and think we’ve hit on a genius idea that HAS to be made real. We live in hope.

Wish #1: Clean The House

OK, so it’s not totally far off – we’ve got Roomba after all, and this would just be the sky version. If you had a mansion with high ceilings and an ingenious feather duster arrangement, this could be a reality!

French maid housekeeping
Because a drone would be better than this. Right?

A drone that could fly a pre-programmed route would be ideal for getting to the cobwebs in the highest of places, or even push a mop around the kitchen. Just imagine if you could get your drone to do the really tedious tasks, like sorting out the stuff in the attic.

The question is, what would you do with all your spare time? You’d want to go and fly your drone…


Wish #2: Walk The Dog

It’s too early for walkies at 5.30am but your pooch doesn’t know that. In fact, he thinks it’s the perfect time! And he wants to go now. NOW. COME ON. NOW!

Too many dogs
Nobody needs this many dogs.
This many drones, however…

A drone that could safely walk your pet floof around the block and give you more time in bed? Seems legit.


Wish #3: Assistance For The Vertically Challenged

Tired of asking giants to reach things norvasc generic canada from the top shelves? All you need is a drone with a gripper arm that can fly indoors with ease! You’d be easily able to grab whatever you wanted from even the highest of supermarket (or household!) shelves without any trouble – no more interacting with BFGs to get what you want.

Elisany Silva D'Cruz
While Elisany would make a perfect shelf reacher… drones are much better. They can’t answer back.

Once again, we’ve hit on an idea that’s not totally out of reach… (see what we did there? Reach? Because it’s about short people?…. Oh, never mind).


Wish #4: Commute Begone!

This one is actually slowly becoming a possibility: what if you could program a drone to fly you to work? No more traffic, plus some fantastic scenery to boot!

Paper plane commute
You’d PROBABLY want something a little more stable than this. One drop of rain and poof! No more plane.

OK, if everyone had a passenger drone then the skies would be all crowded and it would kind of defeat the point – but we can still dream, right?


Wish #5: Sending Messages

Remember when it was romantic – yet hideously expensive – to get a message to your loved one via sky writing?

What if a drone could do that for you? It could be the new texting.

Do it now romantic skywriting
Ah, romance.

Or, y’know, not.

Tell us your drone wish!
What would your dream drone function be?

The thing is, all of these things are not entirely impossible or ridiculous ideas. Drone technology is advancing so quickly, we’re half expecting them to become as ubiquitous as mobile phones. If you could have your own personal drone follow you wherever you went, what would you wish it could do?

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