Protect Your Drone! How To Find The Best Case For Your UAV

by coptrz on June 28, 2016

A case is essential to protect your drone!

Does your smartphone have a cover on it? Do you have a padded bag for your laptop? How about a protective case for your drone?

Your UAV needs a lot of TLC when it comes to transporting about: if not in a proper case, the smallest of knocks could damage your drone. Even if you can’t see damage on the outside, you may have put something loose on the inside.

Don’t risk it! We’ll help you work out the right case for your needs.

What Drone Platform Do You Have?

Do you have a fixed wing or multi-rotor drone? A fixed wing will generally need a larger case than a multi-rotor UAV, because the wing size will determine the minimum case dimensions.

This means fixed wings are often not quite as portable as a multi-rotor – but there is a payoff in weight, with multi-rotors being far heavier in general. So your case may need to be larger but that doesn’t mean it’ll be heavier!

Does Your UAV Break Down Into Parts?

Some drones are one-size: they are ready to fly out of the box, quite literally. Others require some assembly – or have the option to be transported as a whole or broken down into smaller parts.

The type of drone will usually determine whether you’ll be able to deconstruct your drone, as multi-rotors are more frequently of a ‘foldable’ design. The arms can tuck up and in, or disconnect easily from the body, to make packing into a smaller case simple and easy.

How Quickly Do You Need To Access Your Drone?

Are you a storm-chaser? Police fugitive hunter? Or corporate real estate photographer?

What you use your drone for will determine how quickly you’ll need to access it. If you have planned flights, you can account for lots of locks, latches, and build time. If your drone is for emergency situations, it’ll need to be quickly accessible, fast to launch, and with no build time.

So even if your drone CAN break down into smaller parts, you might want to think about how quickly you’ll need to use it and sacrifice a smaller case for faster access.

Where Will Your Drone Be Used?

Requirements for your drone case will depend on where you’re planning to use it. If it’s staying in one location to be launched as a security surveillance tool across a permanent site, you’ll be able to get away with cheaper, less rugged cases.

However, if you want to hike up a mountain to track and film the Lesser Spotted Mountain Idiot, you’ll need a drone (and corresponding case) that’s very portable. You can find drone backpack cases, which are hard-covered and have foam inners to protect your UAV while allowing you to roam free until you find the right spot to unleash the beast.

What Else Goes In The Case?

Do you want a case that’ll carry everything and then some? Or a minimalist set-up so you’re ready to fly at a moment’s notice?

If you have extra controllers, accessories, spare batteries, laptops, tablets, and all the rest of the bumpf, it’s worth looking at the additional storage space on your case. Look for padded pockets, or innovative designs that make the most of space available with extra inner dividers etc to keep everything neat and tidy.

Cases, Drones, Accessories: Buy Cheap, Pay Twice

It’s something we repeat a lot here at COPTRZ™ for good reason: cheap sh*t never lasts. Remember that it’s worth investing from the start in your drone case – don’t think you can skimp!

Cheap latches break. Cheap plastic snaps. Cheap foam sinks with no protection. Just remember how much you’ve spent on your drone: surely only the best will do to protect your baby investment?

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