COPTRZ announce strategic partnership with FLIR, the thermal imaging experts.

by coptrz on June 7, 2017

COPTRZ, the commercial drone experts, have agreed a strategic partnership to become the sole distributor of FLIR Vue Pro/R SUAS cameras in the UK.

The partnership will allow COPTRZ to further strengthen their product portfolio and provide a ‘best in world’ solution to businesses looking to use aerial thermal imaging as part of their drone strategy.

Steve Coulson, Managing Director of COPTRZ, explains his delight at partnering with FLIR, the global leader in manufacturing thermal imaging infrared cameras:

“At COPTRZ, it is our aim to provide the best products in the world to our customers, so we are extremely proud to be chosen as the sole distributor of FLIR Vue Pro/R thermal imaging infrared cameras here in the UK.

Over the past year, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of commercial industries utilising thermal imaging, with surveying, inspection and emergency services being the early adopters. COPTRZ are already working with several businesses in these industries, and we are delighted to be able to continue supporting them with the best drone thermal imaging cameras in the world.

I truly believe that aerial thermal imaging is the way forward for so many industrial uses of drones, and through this partnership we can continue to drive this growth and ensure that the UK stays at the leading edge of drone innovation.”



World’s first continuous personal development drone training company gains Civil Aviation Authority accreditation

by coptrz on January 25, 2017

Coptrz, the world’s first and only company offering continuous personal development to drone pilots, has been awarded the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) National Qualified Entity (NQE) status.

This entitles the company to deliver CAA-approved training to potential drone pilots, including both a theory and a practical test.

Only drone pilots with a CAA-certified qualification may obtain the Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA which enables them to work as professional drone pilots.

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DJI Enterprise Appoint COPTRZ as Enterprise Partner

by coptrz on September 6, 2016


DJI Enterprise is dedicated to the commercial / enterprise use of their drones has today 6th September 2016 announced its appointment of COPTRZ as an Enterprise Partner. COPTRZ have a pedigree in industrial solutions for enterprise and is a sister company of the Martek Marine group of companies – with over 17 years history in industrial solutions.

Through its own innovation and partnering with industrial specialists, DJI develops products and solutions with its partners to secure its premier position in the enterprise sector as well as the consumer sector. Read More “DJI Enterprise Appoint COPTRZ as Enterprise Partner”

First Ever UK Pix4D Workshop!

by coptrz on August 24, 2016

COPTRZ and Pix4D are delighted to announce the inaugural accredited 2 day workshop in the UK for Pix4D.  The course will show attendees how to make the most of this versatile photogrammetry software. Pix4D is the leading software for commercial drone users. It enables users to build extensive and highly detailed 3D models and maps from data collected during a drone flight.

Pix4D mapper software

Pix4D is the leading software for mapping and modelling a range of images and data captured by drones. With a wide range of applications from construction to agriculture, emergency response to estate management, it’s the perfect solution for many industrial drone tasks.

The two day training course, based in central London, is delivered by a leading accredited Pix4D expert. Read More “First Ever UK Pix4D Workshop!”