Pix4Dmapper Pro: the future of mapping and surveying

by coptrz on September 21, 2016

What is Pix4D?

Pix4Dmapper  software allows you to turn any camera or UAV into a professional surveying and mapping tool.

It takes 3D surface models and geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics and converts them into thousands of images which, when combined, create maps with highly accurate, centimeter-grade precision.

All this can later be assessed, edited and analysed using the company’s Mosaic Editor and rayCloud programs, alongside many other highly advanced software models.

At the forefront of surveying and mapping technology, Pix4D is an industry-leader in a field that can help virtually any industry.

Pix4Dmapper Pro: the ultimate mapping solution

Pix4Dmapper Pro is one of the most advanced 3D mapping software programs on the market today.

Terrestrial and aerial images are collected by drones, light aircraft or UAVs and automatically processed through a central system.

The software identifies and matches numerous keypoints on the images, extracting geometric data to calculate camera positions. The result is fast, accurate and customisable data which can be used for a wide range of applications.

Key outputs of the process include

  • laser scanner quality 3D points with low acquisition times
  • 3D triangle mesh models with photorealistic texturing
  • high resolution aerial maps
  • vegetation index maps which allow for quick responses to developments in plant health.

The software’s technology allows you to assess the quality of images while still in the field, enabling you to be flexible with your plans and adapt to any changing circumstances as and when they happen.

Once you’ve captured your images, a range of editing tools then allow you to analyse and narrow in on the data to extract further results.

For instance, the rayCloud editor takes all original images and combines them with the 3D point cloud, offering new perspectives on sites you’ve already surveyed. This allows you to make the most of the CAD and GIS functionalities available to you.

The Mosaic editor also allows you to take these images to the next level by instantly improving the quality of the orthomosaics the Pix4Dmapper Pro software automatically creates. It’s also the easiest software of its kind to learn on the market today.

Finally, the Index calculator allows you to customise multi-spectral images with radiometric accuracy, enabling you to produce application maps by integrating all of your results into management software packages.

All this can be done in a variety of different formats, which can then be easily transferred into a number of CAD, GIS and photogrammetry software packages to be analysed even more thoroughly from thereon in.

When used in conjunction with one another, the combination of Pix4Dmapper Pro and its related programs can help any business owner improve efficiency, timeliness, effectiveness and precision in countless different areas of their practice.

How Pix4DmapperPro can help your industry

Whether it’s measuring stockpiles at construction sites, surveying endless fields of crops, providing data on contour lines in nature reserves or documenting archaeological treasures, Pix4Dmapper Pro software can be put to countless uses in numerous industries across the world.

To give you an insight into the various real-life applications it can be put to, here are five top industries it can be used in, as well as how it can help companies and organisations in each reach their full potential.


• Follow the evolution of construction sites and document each stage to help improve efficiency and production in future projects.

• Rapidly get the most up-to-date measurements on all areas of the site, enabling ongoing analysis.

• Use volumetric measurements in the 3D point cloud to measure earthwork management more efficiently than beforehand.

• Monitor work at all areas of the site simultaneously from one location.

• Use 3D models to compare the actual site with design models, enabling greater building precision.



• Capture information you wouldn’t be able to detect with your own eyes, allowing for more in-depth analysis than ever before.

• Adjust your index to whatever best suits your crop formations, allowing you to create data that’s specific to your set up.

• Ensure your independence, as all the surveying, mapping and analysing can be done cost-effectively by yourself.

• Fields can be indexed far quicker than beforehand and as such can be indexed far more often, enabling you to stay on top of all developments.

Pix4Dmapper Pro and other software programs related to it have been designed so that they can be integrated into agriculture-specific software with ease.

Emergency response

• Drone and light aircraft allow you to very rapidly survey and map an area in crisis, providing data in advance for approaching response teams.

Pix4Dmapper Pro software and related equipment can be used with relative ease by almost anyone, enabling people nearest the scene to independently respond to a crisis.

• Automatic processing enables data to be quickly stored so that it is secure for when response teams arrive.

• Pix4Dmapper Pro software is a cheaper alternative to satellite images, airborne LiDAR and other commonly used technology for emergency situations.

• Not only the immediate area at crisis, but the entire surrounding terrain can be surveyed in a time-efficient manner.


Environmental monitoring

• Species and habitats can be closely monitored in an unobtrusive, insightful manner.

• 3D models of hard-to-reach terrains can be created without the process having a damaging impact on the surrounding environment.

• Pix4Dmapper Pro software and other related programs can be used in conjunction with other software that’s commonly used for environmental monitoring.

• Traditional geomatic methodologies and equipment cannot match the speed at which drones and light aircraft can survey a complex terrain.

• Entire regions can be surveyed with alarming precision, down to 1.2 centimeters per pixel.

Real estate

• Customers can be shown aerial views of the houses that are on offer without having to leave the office.

• Fly-through videos can provide an immersive insight into the layout of a building.

• Customers can view properties in 3D images, as well as more traditional 2D prints.

• Pix4Dmapper Mesh enables real estate agents to rapidly process images and videos using the most simple process imaginable.

• Images can be captured using mobile apps, among other devices and software programs.


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