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10 Times Drones Were Used For Good

With recent sensational documentaries and news stories in the press, we thought it was time to point out just some of the positive impacts drones have had in the UK and the rest of the world!   1. When a man used his drone to save his children from a shark A Father taking aerial … Continued

9th July 2019

Drones, Britains Next Air Disaster?

Drones, Britains Next Air Disaster? Earlier this week BBC Two aired a Horizon special documentary, ‘Britains Next Air Disaster? Drones?‘. Some might say the documentary is biased and the content is very much anti-drone. It’s fair to say this along with Panorama‘s ‘The Gatwick Drone Attack’ struck a nerve with DJI. DJI has issued a … Continued

5th July 2019

Why the WingtraOne is the ultimate addition to your surveying fleet

WingtraOne: The benefits of a high-quality fixed wing solution Although quadcopters might be considered the coolest kids on the block in the drone world, many professional operators will be quick to sing the praises of a high-quality fixed wing solution. Both multi-rotors and fixed-wing craft have their own pros and cons depending on your specific … Continued

4th July 2019

Getting started as a commercial drone operator

As the drone industry continues to expand at a rapid rate, it’s no surprise to see the number of commercial opportunities increase as well. This could be from drone enthusiasts, such as aerial photographers looking to make money from their flying skills, or for existing businesses, such as surveying and inspection teams looking to train … Continued

21st June 2019

CAA Clarifies No additional restrictions for DJI Matrice M210 series

Today the Civil Aviation Authority released a statement regarding the DJI Matrice M210 series drones following a statement earlier this week from DJI. Following some isolated incidents involving the Matrice M210 series, the subsequent DJI investigation pointed to water being the culprit, our previous article about this can be read here. See below for the … Continued

30th May 2019

DJI suspect Matrice M200 v1 incidents are due to water infiltration

Following a small number of ESC incidents surrounding the marketing leading Matrice M200 series v1 enterprise level drone, DJI have today issued a formal statement in response to the reported issues.   DJI Statement On M200 v1 Series ESC Incidents Since the reporting of a small number of M200 series incidents, DJI has treated these … Continued

24th May 2019

Parrot Anafi Thermal – the ultimate compact thermal inspection drone

Parrot Anafi Thermal In years gone by even considering having a thermal team as part of your everyday inspection crew might have seemed like something of a luxury item. With expensive equipment coupled with the demand for specialist training, having access to this crucial data might have been considered too much of a stretch for … Continued

17th May 2019