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DJI Government Edition – Data Protection for Drones

It’s an announcement that might have slipped a few people by, but the DJI Government Edition could be a notable step in the safety and security of high-level drone operations. In short, it’s about providing quality data protection at the highest level, with DJI handing full control of its drones and the data they capture … Continued

28th July 2019

How are the Police using drones?

For UK police forces, drone technology is now non-negotiable. Keeping drones out of the wrong hands and the wrong places is certainly a consideration, but drone technology also gives the police many advantages in their fight against crime. There is a range of police activities which drones are helping with, from taking photographs of crime … Continued

25th July 2019

Are The Drone Laws Changing?

If you hadn’t already noticed, the ever-changing drone industry is facing a whole new beginning in terms of the rules and regulations. In light of the recent announcements by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), followed by the CAP 1789 document released by the CAA, we thought it was time to clear up some of … Continued

24th July 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Take a PfCO Course

The drone market is booming and with every drone bought is the creation of a new drone pilot. Although lots of drone pilots are using drones for fun, COPTRZ does recommend a PfCO course to any pilot planning on flying a drone not just for the commercial reasons. A PfCO is a Permission for Commercial … Continued

23rd July 2019

COPTRZ receives ISO 9001 & 14001

Martek Drones Ltd Trading as Coptrz are delighted to announce that we have gained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification from TUV UK Ltd with zero non-conformances. We are really proud to have achieved this as it reflects all the hard work we have put in. This will provide an invaluable benefit to the organisation, … Continued

17th July 2019

Man Vs Drones Infographic

How are drones impacting industries and services that relied previously on extensive man-power? Rather than take over roles with a heavy human element, drones are empowering those in various professions to get the job done quickly and with much higher accuracy. This infographic explores just three of those industries with examples of how specialist drones … Continued

15th July 2019

10 Times Drones Were Used For Good

With recent sensational documentaries and news stories in the press, we thought it was time to point out just some of the positive impacts drones have had in the UK and the rest of the world!   1. When a man used his drone to save his children from a shark A Father taking aerial … Continued

9th July 2019

Drones, Britains Next Air Disaster?

Drones, Britains Next Air Disaster? Earlier this week BBC Two aired a Horizon special documentary, ‘Britains Next Air Disaster? Drones?‘. Some might say the documentary is biased and the content is very much anti-drone. It’s fair to say this along with Panorama‘s ‘The Gatwick Drone Attack’ struck a nerve with DJI. DJI has issued a … Continued

5th July 2019