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Using Drones for Good: Part 2: Emergency Services

In part 1 of our Drones for Good series, we looked at the work drones are doing to help conservationists preserve our oceans. In part 2 we are going to look at the important work UAVs do to support our emergency services. Like many other industries before them, the emergency services are starting to see … Continued

24th August 2018

New DJI Mavic 2 Range: An Overview

The long-awaited launch is over and it’s no surprise that DJI’ launch event ‘See the Bigger Picture’ represents the release of the DJI Mavic 2 Range. It’s been named DJI’s worst kept secret due to a number of high-profile leaks by the likes of Argos and TechCrunch. However, it’s one that’s been long awaited following the … Continued

23rd August 2018

The State of UAVs in the UK, Part 1 – Prisons

Drugs are a major problem in the UK. The National Crime Agency estimates that drug trafficking is worth around £10.7 billion a year. A recent report from the European Union also doesn’t make pleasant reading, with the UK reported having the seventh highest proportion of residents claiming to have taken an illegal drug during the … Continued

22nd August 2018

Drone Photogrammetry: How drone photos turn into 3D surveys

Using drones to create 3D surveys of your land is an incredibly powerful tool to have. By simply flying your drone above the land, you are all of a sudden left with a highly in-depth 3D model of the terrain, allowing you to make incredibly accurate commercial decisions. Well, if you’re wondering how all of … Continued

21st August 2018

How to maintain a safe environment whilst flying your drone

When flying your drone, you are the sole person responsible for ensuring that it’s flown in a safe manner. This does not just include the safety of the drone itself, but also considering the safety of yourself, other people in the area and the environment too. Whether you are flying for surveys, filming or just … Continued

20th August 2018

Why you shouldn’t pay extra for your operations manual review

Commercial drones are an exciting new industry which offers the potential to build a dynamic services business without the need for massive capital investment. By 2030 business advisory firm PwC estimates that drones will contribute up to £42 billion to the UK economy. Numbers like these entice entrepreneurs into the market, eager to get a … Continued

16th August 2018

5 Reasons to Join the Pix4D Workshop

Pix4D is the leading UAV photogrammetry software. It has been specifically designed for users who want to make 3D maps and point clouds from data captured from their drone. It’s one of the most popular software packages on the market, however, making full use of the platform is hard without a helping hand. That’s why … Continued

15th August 2018

5 Steps to Kickstart a Drone Construction Business

Construction is one of the sectors which has benefitted greatly from drone technology in recent years. Surveyors are able to get a birds-eye view of a site, feeding into construction planning, offering the opportunity to improve both accuracy and efficiency in the process. Inspections, health and safety, maintenance and marketing are other elements of construction … Continued

14th August 2018