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Agricultural Drones: How they are being used

Visit any modern farm these days and you’re just as likely to find drones or unmanned aerial vehicles going about their business as you are a tractor and trailer. Like many other industries, drones have transformed the way agricultural businesses operate over the past 3-5 years. Drone technology has introduced precision agriculture to farms that … Continued

11th September 2018

LiDAR or Photogrammetry with Drones?

If you are involved in any type of land surveying using drone technology, there seems to be a good chance that you know about LiDAR drones and photogrammetry. But do you know what the differences, as well as what the similarities are, between these two technologies? In this blog, we cut through the confusion which often … Continued

10th September 2018

Why Choose COPTRZ to Enable Your Drone Surveying Strategy?

Drones have the ability to transform a number of industries, but there is no better example of the benefits drones provide than the mapping and surveying industry. Today’s drones provide a cost-effective and time-efficient method for collecting accurate geomatics data. Whether this data is used to create topographic surveys or to carry out monitoring studies, … Continued

7th September 2018

How to prevent a drone crash

There are two things every drone pilot dreads, one is a flyaway, the other is a crash. In both cases, you can end up losing your drone and you could even end up with a hefty lawsuit if your drone happens to damage property in the process. When it comes to flyaways, unless it was … Continued

6th September 2018

Top 5 Commercial Drone Use Cases

Drones have come a long way in the past five years or so. Once seen as a toy for the wealthy, today UAVs have the power to reinvent old businesses and create new ones. Whether it’s providing news coverage, helping the emergency services or inspecting sewage systems, drones are doing some pretty amazing things today. … Continued

5th September 2018

DJI Matrice 600 or Inspire 2? Choosing the right drone for your business

When commercial drones first became available buyers were limited by the handful of devices that were available. This made choosing the one a relatively simple task. But today there are literally hundreds of commercial drones available in a number of configurations. This can make choosing the right drone for your specific task a challenge, especially … Continued

4th September 2018

Drones & GDPR: The Rules You Should Follow

The introduction of GDPR is causing business owners across Europe headaches at the moment. As a business owner, you would be forgiven for thinking that GDPR is focused on permission-based marketing and the systems companies need to adopt to ensure customers can opt-in and opt-out of receiving promotional materteral. Therefore, GDPR is of little interest … Continued

3rd September 2018

FBI Warns of Imminent Terror Drone Attacks

In September 2017, FBI Director Christopher Wray, warned the US public of the very real threats they face from terrorists using drones on US soil. Well, almost a year on, we have seen an increased use of drones for criminal activity all around the world. However, how real is the terrorist drone threat in the … Continued

31st August 2018