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An In-Depth Look at the Mavic 2 Enterprise

When the original Mavic drone was launched back in 2016, it was marketed as a high-end consumer drone. But the platform’s ease of use, extensive payload options and affordability meant it found popularity in a number of industries including construction, surveying and search and rescue. So when DJI launched the updated Mavic 2 Zoom and … Continued

12th November 2018

DJI Update Regarding TB50 and TB55 Batteries

Following the CAA’s safety announcement on the 31st October, a DJI update has been released regarding the TB50 & TB55 batteries. This update will be relevant for users of the Matrice 200 Series, and DJI’s Inspire 2. For users of these drones, we wanted to make sure you are aware of this safety notice, and … Continued

9th November 2018

Mavic 2 Enterprise – Commercial Applications

The launch of the Mavic 2 Enterprise has industry veterans excited about the prospects for this powerful little device. Based on the recently launched Mavic 2 Zoom, the Enterprise edition comes with a host of upgrades making it suitable for a range of commercial applications. Up until now the Mavic and Mavic 2 have been … Continued

8th November 2018

Drone Pre-Flight Check List

Before you take to the skies, it’s incredibly important to do those vital checks to ensure your drone is airworthy. Having a drone flight checklist handy also means you will never forget any of the equipment that may be key to your operation. This will allow you to avoid issues, that may ultimately lead you … Continued

7th November 2018

Smart Inventory Management: Using Drones for Stockpile Volume Measurements

Accurately measuring stockpiles of bulk and loose materials is a labour-intensive task for any production facility. Here we discuss how using drones for stockpile volume measurements can help to improve operational efficiencies in an industrial environment. Stock control is one of the most important tasks for any logistics coordinator. Knowing how much inventory you have … Continued

26th October 2018

COPTRZ and Flock partner to make commercial drone training a breeze

Commercial drone experts COPTRZ are happy to announce a strategic partnership with one of Europe’s first “pay as you fly” drone insurance providers, Flock. Flock and COPTRZ will be collaborating in a number of ways in the coming months, making it even easier for aspiring pilots to ‘go pro’ as commercial operators. Drone Insurance: now included … Continued

24th October 2018

COPTRZ announce 68% increase in PfCO courses for 2019

NQE CAA Training providers COPTRZ has announced a record 68% increase in course dates in January to June next year in the United Kingdom. The courses take place across the country in 12 different locations across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. COPTRZ have also now partnered with insurance providers Flock to include free insurance … Continued

23rd October 2018