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Introducing the UK’s Only PfCO Drone Training Course for Surveying and Construction

Professional drone training is an essential part of incorporating drones into any business and courses vary depending on the provider. Here at COPTRZ, we’ve been providing drone training at the highest level since the PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) was first made mandatory for commercial drone users. A four-day course, the standard PfCO course covers … Continued

19th February 2019

Win a Mavic a Month when you do your PfCO CAA Drone Training through COPTRZ

Book your drone training course through Coptrz this month and you’ll be automatically entered into a free prize draw every month. The odds on winning this prize are extremely short in any given month. If you don’t win in the first month, your entry will be rolled over into the following 2 months, giving early … Continued

5th February 2019

Drones for powerline surveys

Cheaper, Faster, Safer – Powerline Surveys with the Matrice 210 RTK By their very nature, power lines are hazardous and difficult to inspect. Up to 400 KV of electrical current running through millions of miles of cables at a height of around 55m, connecting communities and businesses around the world. Our reliance on electricity is … Continued

31st January 2019

DJI Phantom 4 RTK Firmware Update Note

In order to improve flight safety and user experience, DJI has updated the firmware for Phantom 4 RTK. Please read the following notice. What’s New? Added support for the remote controller without a built-in display for use with Mobile SDK apps. Added Timed Shooting mode in Photogrammetry and Linear Flight operations. Added the option in … Continued

25th January 2019

Policing the skies. New powers to punish drone misuse.

There are perhaps two key areas to address first and foremost in light of the announcement that the government will be issuing new powers to the police in order to “better enforce drone misuse and clamp down on malicious behaviour”. Firstly, while it might not have been entirely coincidental that the news broke a matter … Continued

22nd January 2019

New Drone Laws 2019, Part 2

In a previous article, we covered the basics in terms of what actual changes are being made to the rules and regulations for drone use in the UK. However, there’s a lot more in the government’s recently released response to the ongoing consultation period as it continues to shape and evolve the law in collaboration … Continued

11th January 2019

New Drone Laws 2019, Part 1

Many of you may have seen headlines such as ‘Government Announces New Drone Laws’ and there may have been an assumption that these were some kind of knee-jerk reaction to the recent events at Gatwick Airport. Although we don’t doubt that this may have speeded things up a little, in reality, the ‘new laws’ are … Continued

9th January 2019

Thermal Drone Comparison: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual vs. a Zenmuse XT2 solution

With the launch of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, DJI essentially offered up a one-stop solution for those looking to take the first step into the many areas of aerial thermography systems – whether that’s for inspections, search and rescue, site management, energy, agriculture or anything else where detecting even subtle changes in temperature can make a huge difference. However, … Continued

4th January 2019