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COPTRZ announce 68% increase in PfCO courses for 2019

NQE CAA Training providers COPTRZ has announced a record 68% increase in course dates in January to June next year in the United Kingdom. The courses take place across the country in 12 different locations across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. COPTRZ have also now partnered with insurance providers Flock to include free insurance … Continued

23rd October 2018

DJI Phantom 4 vs DJI Phantom 4 RTK

The commercial drone industry has grown extensively since the launch of the Phantom 4 Pro in 2016. Drones are now commonplace in a range of industries from search and rescue to mining and utilities. But it is the mapping and surveying industry which has taken up drones more than any other sector. Drones provide significant … Continued

22nd October 2018

NQE (National Qualified Entity) Drone Training with Coptrz

What is an NQE? An NQE (National Qualified Entity) is an organisation approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to assess the competency of pilots flying small unmanned aircraft and to make recommendations as part of the CAA process for gaining a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation). A PfCO allows the operator to fly drones … Continued

8th October 2018

DJI announce Qualified Entities Programme for public safety organisations

DJI has announced the new Qualified Entities Programme (QEP) for their public safety clients across Europe. QEP will remove geofencing (NFZ and GEO Zones). It also removes altitude restrictions for all enterprise drones used by public safety organisations. These services include police, fire services, also, search & rescue, civil defence/protection, border/customs control and the coastal … Continued

1st October 2018

Elios Collision-tolerant Drone Tests Radiation Tolerance

September 25, 2018 – Flyability announced that the Elios drone was tested and successfully performed even at a dose rate of 800 Rem/Hour / 8 Sv/Hour (Roentgen Equivalent Man) for 10 minutes. Used in the nuclear industry in five countries and equipping more than 30% of all U.S. nuclear plants, Elios is used to prevent … Continued

25th September 2018

Using Drones for Good, Part 4: Disaster response

In the three previous parts of our ‘using drones for good’ series, we looked at how drones are helping to save our oceans, aid the emergency services and prevent a major environmental disaster. In part 4, we are going to look at how drones can be used to support disaster relief efforts. Drones have the … Continued

18th September 2018

The State of UAVs in the UK, Part 3: Public Safety

In parts one and two of our series ‘The State of UAVs in the UK’ we looked at the threat drones pose to stadiums and prisons and how these can be mitigated. In part three we are going to look at the protection of public spaces, including public parks, national parks, city squares and open-air … Continued

13th September 2018

Top 3: The Best Drones for Photography & Videography

If there is one thing drones are good at, it’s taking pictures and videos. They make an excellent add-on to any photographers equipment, allowing you to take images that would be almost impossible to get otherwise. Think about the unusual wedding photographs from above the church spire or the amazing wildlife photography you’ll be able … Continued

12th September 2018