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DJI Matrice 600 or Inspire 2? Choosing the right drone for your business

When commercial drones first became available buyers were limited by the handful of devices that were available. This made choosing the one a relatively simple task. But today there are literally hundreds of commercial drones available in a number of configurations. This can make choosing the right drone for your specific task a challenge, especially … Continued

4th September 2018

Drones & GDPR: The Rules You Should Follow

The introduction of GDPR is causing business owners across Europe headaches at the moment. As a business owner, you would be forgiven for thinking that GDPR is focused on permission-based marketing and the systems companies need to adopt to ensure customers can opt-in and opt-out of receiving promotional materteral. Therefore, GDPR is of little interest … Continued

3rd September 2018

FBI Warns of Imminent Terror Drone Attacks

In September 2017, FBI Director Christopher Wray, warned the US public of the very real threats they face from terrorists using drones on US soil. Well, almost a year on, we have seen an increased use of drones for criminal activity all around the world. However, how real is the terrorist drone threat in the … Continued

31st August 2018

Using Drones for Good, Part 3: Elios

In part 3 of our series, using drones for good, we are going to look at how the innovative Elios drone from Flyability is helping to keep beer production lines flowing at Pilsner, support law enforcement in France, prevent a major environmental disaster in Barcelona and explore new cave systems in Sicily. The Flyability Elios … Continued

30th August 2018

Best Commercial drones for beginners

Whether you are looking at deploying drones in your business or are thinking about starting your own drone services company. There is no better time to get involved in the commercial drone market. A recent report by PWC shows that drones will provide a £42 billion uplift to the UK economy by 2030. Most of … Continued

29th August 2018

The State of UAVs in the UK, Part 2 – Stadiums

Anyone who has ever been to a stadium to watch a football match or their favourite band must have wondered what would happen if there was a sudden cause for panic. For a stadium manager, this is a nightmare scenario which keeps them awake at night. There is an endless list of situations which could … Continued

28th August 2018

Want to make six figures? Try being a drone pilot

Jobs that pay in excess of £100,000, are few and far between. You’ll either have to go to medical school for five years or land a job in the city. But with a little hard work and endeavour, you could join the six-figure a year club by becoming a freelance professional drone pilot. Take Andrew … Continued

27th August 2018

Flyability Elios inspects Barcelona’s Sewer System

Aigües de Barcelona, Empresa Metropolitana de Gestió del Cicle Integral de l’Aigua, S.A., is the company responsible for a vast sewer infrastructure below the city of Barcelona and environs. Owned by global water and waste experts Suez, the company makes environmental issues a priority: responding with the best tools available. Péter Kövessi is the Director … Continued

24th August 2018