How Not To Date (When You’re A Drone Geek)

by coptrz on May 27, 2016

Game Over if you don't follow these rules...

We know you love your drone, but they don’t exactly give the warmth of human intimacy. So we’re guessing that you’re either trying to find The One – or even keep them – without letting your drone obsession get the better of you.

It’s OK, we know it’s difficult. We know sometimes when people don’t ‘get’ your drone enthuiasm you start to question their ability to live in such a dull world. But you gotta remember something: drones are new, people are not – it takes time for awesome ideas to spread and while you can be a UAV evangelist 90% of the time, a date is not one of those times.

Here’s our guide to get you through those tricky hours away from your pet drone without it causing a problem with your Significant Other (or Hopeful Significant Drone Partner 4 Eva).

1) Leave. The. Drone. At. Home.

No drones. Drones equal no fireworks
Don’t do it. Just don’t.

It’s just not cool to bring it on a date. The only – ONLY – exception is if you’re going to a park for a picnic. And it’s not your first date. Probably also not wise on the second. Or third.

Basically make sure they know YOU before they get to know your drone.

Restaurants are tricky places for drones – even if you’ve got a cool one that allows you to demonstrate your mad ‘Look Ma, No GPS!’ skillz, it’s likely to be frowned upon.

2) Don’t show your date lots of drone pictures.

Bored date feigns interest
Jenny was struggling to fake interest after the second hour passed.

That includes ‘dronies’ you took of yourself if you’re going to say ‘I took this with the Zenmuse 5XR 4K RAW camera on my DJI Inspire’.

You know how some people get obsessed with their pets? (editor’s note: guilty and proud). You can bet at some point if your conversation turns to it they’ll whip out their smartphone and show you an entire camera roll of little old McPuddings the bearded dragon.

It won’t make for good conversation – put the screen DOWN and instead stare into your date’s eyes.

Maybe don’t stare. You don’t want to freak them out.

3) Don’t use your drone to stalk your date.

Just don't stalk.
Stalking is never cool. It’s not ‘research’ either.

Whether pre-first date or mid-courtship, it’s not a good idea to hover a drone around their home to try and catch a glimpse. Even if you want to do it for pure ‘research’ reasons – say, to find out if they have a Swingball in their back yard so you can nonchalantly say “Hey, you know what I miss? Swingball.” – don’t.

You not only risk privacy laws: it’s creepy. Don’t be that creep.

4) Don’t name any anatomy after your drone.

Three hopeful men trying to convince that the topographic survey is essential.
If you think it resembles a quadcopter, go see a doctor ASAP.

Yes names for genitalia never fail to entertain, but don’t call yours any brand or generic drone part name.

Especially if you own a scientific research drone involving probes. Just don’t do it. You want this person to like you, right?!

If you’re more a survey type, definitely don’t refer to any nookie as some form of ‘topographical mapping’. They either won’t get it, or they’ll get it so much they’ll realise you’re too similar and leave immediately. Both scenarios don’t end well for you.

5) Accept that they might not be as into drones as you are.

Breaking news: drones are cool but not everyone realises it yet.
Breaking: not everyone realises drones are cool.

And that’s OK. Mostly.

If you discover your date thinks drones will bring about the apocalypse, maybe don’t reveal that you’ve got four ‘day-to-day’ drones, two ‘special occassion’ ones, and a My First Drone still lurking in the wardrobe.

However, if your potential lover is a sceptic purely from being less informed than you then by all means extol the virtues of these amazing technical beasts.

And then move the conversation on to how lovely their hair is or wow what incredible perfume is that? Essentially, be passionate about your drone when you’re on drone time. When it’s date time, try to find other things to talk about.

Failing all of the above, try a good ol’ internet dating site with a screen name life Drones4Liyfe and meet your future drone spouse. Even better if they have a list of likes of ‘UAV, flying, drones, geekery, nerds, technology, drones, drones, drones’, naturally.

So there you have it. Go forth and date with confidence!

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