Four Ways UAVs Will Save Your Construction Budget

by coptrz on May 29, 2016

Drones are amazing multi-tasking pieces of kit, aren’t they? Whether surveying land for topography models or performing engineering inspections, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming increasingly useful for construction projects.

“But they’re expensive!” is something we usually hear. How about if we told you that a drone would not only pay for itself within a few uses – but will SAVE you money in the long term? We’re not lying! Check it out…

Reduced Labour Costs

Whether in the planning stages or during a build, many tasks will often take several people hours or even days. For example, think about how long an initial land survey takes: you need to create a topographical map, and probably conduct soil analysis surveys too. This takes days, weeks, even months on very large sites, and often requires a large number of surveyors to conduct on-foot surveys and analysis.

A drone can cover the same amount of area, collecting more information than a person, in just minutes. An 18 acre site can be flown over in 8 minutes, building a comprehensive picture in one flyover. The same path can be flown over time and again, ideal for creating different map overlays to get a really in-depth survey with ease.

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Minimise Safety Risks

Adhering to site safety regulations is a headache at the best of times, and the money required to cover expert engineers performing hazardous inspections is costly. What if you could reduce the number of engineers required and the frequency with which they need to climb structures for inspections?

A drone can reach high structures with ease, and deliver high definition footage with a live feed to a ground team (no need for several hazard pay supplements!). This enables engineers and the project team to analyse potential problems, and send up just the one engineer to the exact spot that requires a repair. Simple, quick, and direct: all ways to save money on your construction project.

Get Stakeholders On-Board

Investors always like to know how their project is going, but providing a comprehensive overview of progress can sometimes be difficult. You know when you’ve been really busy doing things, but to an outside it looks like nothing’s been done? Drones help provide the evidence you need that your team have, in fact, been hard at work instead of hardly working!

A regular pre-plotted GPS flight path is easy to set up, meaning the same images can be replicated over time – and progress can be recorded even on a daily basis if that’s what is required. Visible spectrum cameras are ideal for delivering high quality footage for general visual progress reports, while other drones can hold specialised equipment such as LiDAR and Near Infra-Red cameras to deliver different levels of detail.

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Market Your Construction Projects

Drones aren’t just practical site tools to help support your teams: they can be used to bring in your next clients, too! The aerial view of drones is perfectly suited to showing off completed projects, while the flexible and small vehicles make it easy to get up close to your structures for unique angles and stunning footage.

A showreel of your recent work is a great way to prove to potential clients that you are able to deliver on your promises: people engage more strongly with video than any other type of content, so using a ‘video brochure’ compared to a traditional paper one will help bring new clients on-board.

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