Four Reasons To Hire A Commercial Drone Pilot

by coptrz on June 19, 2016

If you’re considering using a drone for your business, whether for aerial imaging, stunning photography, or detailed surveys, you need a commercial drone pilot. It’s the law! Anyone using a drone for commercial purposes must have the proper license of the relevant aviation authority.

A ‘commercial purpose’ is any use of a drone that involves financial gain, or ‘benefits in kind’. So you could be using drone footage to support an insurance claim, or to market your real estate: it doesn’t matter. If you make money directly or indirectly from using drones, you need a commercial pilot’s license.

However, you might only want to use a drone occasionally, or test out the benefits of UAVs before investing for the long haul. There are many reasons you might not want to train to become a pilot yourself – so here’s why you should consider hiring a commercial drone pilot for your business projects…

Save Time, Save Money

A commercial drone pilot comes to you ready-trained, fully licensed, and raring to go. They’ll have a wide knowledge of drone flight, understand their drone like it’s an extra appendage, and know exactly how to get the best results.

Instead of paying for a training course, your pilot is already trained – saving you time and money. Instead of faffing on the day to learn how to use the camera, your pilot already knows this inside out – saving you time and money. Instead of… you get the idea.

Borrow Skills Without Adding To Payroll

A significant cost for any business are employee financials: insurance contributions, pensions, taxes – it all adds up. Using an outsourced drone pilot service means you only need to pay for the drone use as and when you need it – there’s no need to keep a pilot on your books (unless it turns out you need them regularly!).

Learn From The Best

Using an outsourced drone pilot service also gives you the opportunity to learn about drones in business and see it in action. The knowledge you gain isn’t just about what a drone can do – if you’re out in the field with your hired drone pilot, you’ll learn on-the-job about techniques and skills no course could ever teach you. (Of course, if you later decide to use drones yourself, you still need a license!).

Building a good relationship with your drone pilot will help you in the future as you consider longer term drone usage for your business. You’ll have a better idea of the benefits of UAVs for your business, and build a strong picture of how the technology could work to your advantage. It’s always better to learn from watching than just basic theory!

Different Pilot Skills For Each Project

You might want to use drones for all sorts of projects, from marketing footage through to surveys. In this case, using a hired commercial drone pilot allows for you to hire in the exact skills you need for each project. A specialist surveyor, for example, will have different skills – and indeed a different type of drone! – than a drone camera operator for marketing showreels.

You can pick and choose exactly which skills you need for each project, instead of trying to train for each one yourself! The different types of drones and equipment you may need – from alternative camera types to add-on sensors – could quickly add up and drain your capital if you chose to buy them all yourself.  Using hired drone services means you only pay for what you need, when you need it – saving you time and money. (See a theme?).

How To Hire A Drone Pilot

That’s where we come in! Our drone pilots come handpicked by COPTRZ™ – we only work with the best. Whatever your drone pilot needs, we’ll be able to help you find the best services available for your local area. Take a look at our Pilot Services page for more details.


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