UAV Training Is For The Weak And Boring

by coptrz on June 10, 2016

Without training, you totally won't crash into a plane. Totally not.

“Safety, safety, blah blah blah”. You get your drone in the mail, you rip the box open, you sniff that wonderous – if slightly plastic – smell of the rotors, and of course you’re going to want to fly it straight away. We don’t blame you! They’re cool, fun, interesting gadgets. Who has time even for the manual, let alone go on a drone TRAINING course?! Fools.

You don’t need training to fly your drone. It’s for those goody-two-shoes who always read the IKEA instructions – and even understand them. It’s for those people who actually COUNT how many bolts and screws they have before they start. You know the people we’re talking about. The Uncool.

Here’s why cool people don’t need pilot training for their UAV:

1) It’s called ‘ready-to-fly’ for a reason, duh.

Who needs training when you can do this straight out of the box?


2) You can TOTALLY be a professional drone photographer without training.

There’s tons of money to be made hiring out your new drone flying skills. License? Pah. If ya got the skillz, it pays the bill…z. Right?

…Sometimes you gotta offer a discount but y’know, that’s cheaper than training.

3) Bird attacks are a total myth.

Birds…attacking drones… yeah right. Like you’re going to need training to handle a bird attack. It’s just the big drone insurance companies trying to scare us, are we right or are we right?!

Or…wrong. We could be wrong. Turns out bird attacks MIGHT happen. And you’ll be glad of insurance.

4) Rules are for boring people.

Drone law? LEGISLATION? What piffle. If you can fly a drone you can fly it anywhere, surely? Who needs to know the ins and outs of local drone laws? I mean, really.

Ah. Yeah, airports are bad, mmkaayyy.

5) A drone literally flies itself.

Autopilot? Check. Return home function? Double check. Motor redundancy? You betcha! Who says you need any training when the top-of-the-range drones quite literally fly themselves?

…into the only stone monolith for literally miles. (On this occasion, the drone activated its return home function and took the shortest route back. Only, that involved a massive stone column. As it wasn’t a drone that also had crash avoidance technology on-board… well, you know the rest).

Don’t know about you, but we’re probably erring towards the ‘maybe we should get some drone training‘ side of things having written this. Also having googled ‘Drone Fails’ and seen UAVs worth TENS of thousands of dollars destroyed in one second, we’re going to have a look at drone insurance options too.

Training doesn’t have to be dull. You might not want your CAA drone pilot’s license yet – but if you get it, just think of the money you’ll make from your hobby. Just going to put this link here in case you’re interested – for How To Make Money As A Commercial Drone Pilot, part one. There are two parts. That’s how many options you’ve got. AKA: A lot.

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