Five Examples Of Innovative Drone Use

by coptrz on June 21, 2016

Innovation in drones

We all know drones can be used for many, MANY, business purposes – but what are the most innovative and creative examples out there?

The fast-advancing technological developments in drone technology mean that every week we’re seeing new and exciting ways to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) across all types of industry. If you want to use drones for your business but need a little more inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

The Dronie

‘Selfie’ may have been Word Of The Year in 2013, but it’s set to be taken over by the newer, cooler ‘dronie’. While Nixie are currently building the world’s first wrist-worn drone that disconnects, flies out to take a selfie, and then returns to the wearer, we can still see the stunning possibilities of ‘dronies’ with today’s existing technology. Drone operators the world over are taking stunning footage, either flying in for a close up or – like Matt Benedetto – flying out to reveal incredible locations.

Drones For Art, Not War

Student projects at Maplewood High School have taken the militarised concept of drones and turned the ideas upside down to create innovative drone artwork. Intended to demonstrate the creation potential of drones, and remove existing preconceptions of war and destruction related to UAVs, the project has been a resounding success and continues to be built upon as students and teachers alike realise the potential of drones in creative capacities.

Innovative Aircraft Safety With EasyJet

The world’s most recognisable budget airline, EasyJet, have been using drones to improve safety and quality standards for inspections. A great example of the practical uses of UAVs in industry, the drones are able to get to all areas of the aircraft for regular norvasc generic drug pre-flight inspections – usually limited to what’s visible by the ground crew and pilot only.

The PartyDrone By Spotify

Everyone loves music, right? Imagine if you turned up to a gig or festival and, as you walked in to the entrance or arena, a drone above you started to play your exact favourite song. Cue everyone shouting “This is my jam!” and immediately getting into the party spirit as they enter a festival. Spotify have made it possible with their 450-Watt speaker drone and an innovative ticket booking system. When booking tickets, customers enter their favourite song. They then picked up their tickets at their event, which triggered the PartyDrone deployment: it follows the customer, plays their favourite song, and has an LED light show to accompany it.

The multi-sensory experience was actually a marketing ploy by phone provider BASE, who designed and provided the drone, to promote their reduced-price Spotify Premium subscriptions. It worked: over 22,000 people signed up.

Geology Studies Up Close And Personal

Drones are expendable, unlike people. This means they’re ideal for sending into dangerous situations without the expectation of them coming back… like into the centre of a volcano. Other examples are students sending drones into the eye of the storm in order to capture never-seen-before data about storm behaviour, or simply showing off unique geological formations (or collapses) in ways to encourage further generations to continue geology research.

Think You Could Do Better?

The ‘World Cup Of Drones’ offers $1m to the winner for the most innovative use of UAVs.

With so many uses for drones already out there, watch this space – you can guarantee there’ll be even more creative ideas coming out soon!

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