Pix4Dmapper Version 3.3 Released

by coptrz on August 15, 2017

Pix4Dmapper 3.3

Pix4D’s rayCloud is an iconic interface that connects original images to the 3D reconstruction. Add and edit your ground control and manual tie points to improve your project accuracy without searching for each point in an endless list of images. Simply select the point’s approximate location in the point cloud and refine it’s position in the corresponding images.

You can manually mark images or have the software automatically mark your images for you.

Reduce click errors with automated outlier detection

Apart from making it easy for you to find where each point is in your images, we also inform you when an image is marked incorrectly.

In version 3.3, if you mark a GCP or MTP incorrectly a pink circle will appear in the image to inform you that the corresponding mark is likely inaccurate. Automated outlier detection minimizes the chance that human error introduces inaccuracies into the final results.

Pix4D always aims for accuracy and efficiency. In version 3.3, processing for Step 1. Initial Processing is faster than ever before.

Save time with faster initial processing

Upgrade now to experience an average 23% faster processing time for this initial processing step.


Using 3D Mapping for Accident & Emergency

by coptrz on July 28, 2017

Using 3D Mapping for Accident and Emergency

The origins of photogrammetry and 3D mapping can be traced back to 1480 when Leonardo da Vinci developed the concept of perspective and projective geometry. Techniques have come a long way since then, with both the technology and software becoming more accessible and affordable.

Our Emergency Services have been some of the earliest adopters of 3D mapping techniques and are leading the way when it comes to documenting our world in 3D to improve our safety and security.

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CAA Case Study: Peter Hinton, Operations Manager at the Royal Variety Charity

by coptrz on July 21, 2017

Royal Variety Charity


At COPTRZ, we’re always happy to catch up with our former students to find out how their COPTRZ CAA training is helping them as a commercial drone pilot. This month we had the pleasure of catching up with Peter Hinton, Operations Manager at the Royal Variety Charity, who has started using drones during the proposed redevelopment of the charity’s residential and nursing care home, Brinsworth House.

Read on to find out more about Peter’s experience on the COPTRZ CAA Course and how his passion for drones led him to using them commercially to help the Royal Variety Charity.

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DJI XT Pro iOS App Released

by coptrz on July 4, 2017

DJI XT Pro App


COPTRZ are pleased to announce that DJI has released the new DJI XT Pro App, designed to empower Zenmuse XT users by giving them a more simple, streamlined method of capturing thermal imaging data.

The use of thermal imaging with drones is rapidly increasing, with Fire Services, Search and Rescue and Police Forces beginning to carry thermal imaging drones as part of their everyday kit.

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Top 5 Dream Destinations for Flying a Drone

by coptrz on June 30, 2017

flying a drone in the arctic
The notion of flying a drone conjures up images of the open air, beautiful scenery and undiscovered visual treasures. It’s no wonder the drone revolution has captured the imagination of millions of people across the globe. From budding photographers to roofers and estate agents, our customers span a variety of industries and interests, all with the common aim of collecting images and video from a new perspective.

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