Drones for Business: The Basics

by coptrz on January 21, 2016

Everyone’s talking about drones for business these days, but where do you start? There are so many different types of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) out there, it’s confusing – and that’s before you even wrap your mind around the laws of flying them!

Drones can be used for business in a variety of contexts:

  • Film events or landscapes from an aerial perspective
  • Take photographs of property
  • Survey hard-to-reach areas of business assets
  • Delivery systems
  • And much more!

Let’s take a quick look at these examples in more detail – you’ll have a better picture of how you can use UAVs for business.

Film events or landscapes

Have you seen the New Year’s Eve 2015 Firework display drone footage? Incredible films can be made with drones without risk to the camera operator. Drones can be used for static photography or high-definition film, and enable you to capture amazing footage that would otherwise be inaccessible (or involve a very expensive helicopter ride…). Make your business stand out with exceptional drone photography and film: we can guarantee it will get you noticed.

Survey hard-to-reach areas with a drone

Drones can be used for surveying the area, too. If your organisation has hard-to-reach areas, such as remote offshore oil rigs, or electricity pylons spanning hundreds of kilometres, it can be difficult to keep track of repairs or assess an emergency situation in real-time. Regular use of a UAV to survey the area means you will be able to easily assess your assets, saving time and money as you spot problems often before they become costly repairs!

Delivery systems

OK, we had to put this one here, as everyone knows about Amazon’s drone delivery trial. That could be your business, too! It doesn’t have to be commercial delivery, either: if you’re a medical organisation working in remote or emergency situations, you could be delivering essential lifesaving medications to people in need. You could even double up the use of a drone and plot a safe route for your rescue teams while flying the supplies out to victims!

Using drones for your business

You might not think you need a drone strategy for your business just yet – but it’s actually right at the start of UAV usage that a proper strategy pays off. Make sure you’re investing in the right drone – and the right training – for your needs by speaking to the Coptrz team. It’s our pleasure to match the best technology for your requirements… we can get a bit geeky about it.

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