DJI Enterprise Appoint COPTRZ as Enterprise Partner

by coptrz on September 6, 2016


DJI Enterprise is dedicated to the commercial / enterprise use of their drones has today 6th September 2016 announced its appointment of COPTRZ as an Enterprise Partner. COPTRZ have a pedigree in industrial solutions for enterprise and is a sister company of the Martek Marine group of companies – with over 17 years history in industrial solutions.

Through its own innovation and partnering with industrial specialists, DJI develops products and solutions with its partners to secure its premier position in the enterprise sector as well as the consumer sector.

What DJI Enterprise means to Coptrz

“We are delighted to be appointed as a DJI Enterprise partner in recognition of our industrial specialism and understanding of the business to business market” commented Steve Coulson, Founder of COPTRZ. DJI ENTERPRISE are looking to develop a series of new products with software packages to meet different vertical markets, working with specialist partners such as COPTRZ.

Steve Coulson added: “It’s up to us as partners to identify potential customer problems and applications, and then work with DJI to create winning solutions. This is a challenge that we’ve been used to for many years and one which we relish as we expand our reach into the many markets out there suited to drone applications.”

Here is what DJI Enterprise is currently achieving:

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