How to create captivating adverts with drones

by coptrz on October 3, 2016

Use drones to film your adverts

Video has become the marketing king – adverts are everywhere thanks to the internet and smartphones. Everyone is doing it these days. Even us!

Check out our take on the new Milk Tray advert for 2016. The Milk Tray Man has never been seen this way before.

Why are marketers using drones?

Drones are still a new technology for filming techniques, but savvy marketers are getting the idea by using UAVs to record stunning footage for captivating advert campaigns. The simplicity of the process is the antithesis to a normal video advert campaign. Hours of setting up tedious cameras and performing light checks just doesn’t happen with drones.

You might think this creates shoddy adverts, but no! The ‘realness’ of a drone-shot video in an outside environment adds to the accessibility of whatever it is you’re selling. There’s no divide between ‘our product’ and ‘our customers’, instead it’s a relatable ‘our product that happens to be in the surroundings of our customers’.

There’s no need for studios here.

(And if the light really does bother you, there are many video editing packages that’ll make your footage really sparkle).

Know your drone regulations!

You need to be careful of the rules, though. Remember that if you put a video out there in the public domain with the intention to gain financially or in kind, it’s a commercial venture. That means you MUST have the relevant authority’s permission before you fly your drone.

Lakemaid, a beer company in Minnesota, got on the wrong side of the FAA in the US not too long ago. Their advert demonstrated live beer deliveries via drone – a service they already offered.

However, they weren’t technically allowed to be doing that. Naughty.

How to create captivating video for your advert

There are two types of drone video adverts: the self-aware (“hello, this is my drone and you can see my drone doing this”), and the subtle (“you can’t see it, but this was filmed by a drone”). Creating your advert all depends on just how you want people to perceive your company, event, or service.

The subtle approach will deliver amazing drone footage for a slick and timeless marketing video or advertisement. If you want to deliver video that could be mistaken for a blockbuster, this is your best bet.

For more ‘of-the-times’ impact, a self-aware video could be just generic norvasc tablet what you need. If you need to pull your customers in by showing just how ahead of the curve you are when it comes to marketing, novel ideas, or creative approaches, think about keeping your drone visible.

Drones are very ‘now’ in the media – so you’re likely to receive plenty of viral action. Of course, filming a drone as it films something else will require two cameras, some extra pairs of hands, and a more complex operation. Still, we believe you can do it!

It’s not just video adverts

Drones can be used to market in different ways, not just for the creation of super slick advertisements.

You can attach banners to low flying drones (careful of those regulations again!) to promote your business. This could even act as a mobile sandwich board – at least, that’s what Hungry Boys in Russia did when they flew lunch special menus to the top of office high rises at lunchtime.

The Three Steps

If you’re using a drone to create marketing material, it’s best to follow the three steps:

1) Know what image you want to project: fun and ‘now’, or timeless and classic. Should people see the drone? Will it be a viral video in no time or a constant reference for How It’s Done many years into the future?

2) Know your regulations. We keep saying it, but can’t really stress this point enough: you must make sure you know when and where you can fly, and what restrictions you may face. There’s no point in creating a super amazing drone video or a promotional stunt with your UAV if it’s going to land you in trouble. Trust us.

3) Get out there and do it! The beauty of drone technology is how instantaneous it can be. Is there a great sunset outside? Grab your drone and film it. Fancy chasing a storm? Grab your (Neo) drone and get following.  Seen a celebrity you want to coerce into your advertisement? Grab them and… no wait, best leave that idea.

Marketing with drones has so many possibilities, with ever more opening up as regulations settle and companies become more open to using commercial UAVs.

If you’d like some more advice on how to best use drones to market your business services, remember we’re always here to help.

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