Aerialtronics Zenith: What you get for your money

by coptrz on October 13, 2016

Aerialtronics Zenith

Smooth, consistent flight, responsive controls, versatile payloads and resistance to adverse weather conditions make top of the range drones invaluable to a variety of professionals. With a huge amount of research, investment and innovation going into designing and building each machine, it’s no surprise that the very best models on the market come with price tags that reflect their quality and reliability.

One such drone is the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith. Incredibly advanced and boasting a number of state of the art features, the drone offers unbeatable results every time. So exactly what are you getting for your money when you buy a Zenith, and is this cutting edge drone really worth the investment?

Aerialtronics Zenith

Versatile payload

When you see just how good this drone is, you’ll never want to go back to a less capable model. Luckily, you won’t have to, as the Zenith is equipped with a highly compatible payload, allowing you to fit a DSLR camera, thermal imaging sensor, multi-spectral cameras, microphones, video cameras and much more.

This makes the drone incredibly versatile and ensures you can use it for all future unmanned flights. It also makes the Zenith the ultimate industrial drone, as businesses will be able to use one machine for a wide variety of purposes.

Zenith Payload

As well as having a highly compatible payload, the Zenith is capable of carrying serious weight – up to 2.9kg to be precise.

What’s more, as the payload system is modular, pilots will be able to swap out pieces of equipment in seconds. Even the drone’s gimbal system can be switched in moments, making it easy to adjust the drone to suit your exact requirements. The Zenith’s integrated vibration dampening system ensures your images are as smooth as possible, while the system’s high level of compatibility allows you to use the cameras, sensors and monitors that suit you best.

Great Flight time

If you’re filming, surveying or, like many fire brigades and other emergency services, monitoring an ongoing situation, flight time is everything. The last thing you want is to recall your drone at a crucial moment, especially when time is limited. This is where the Zenith really shines, with the drone offering users an impressive 35 minute flight time. This allows pilots to get the images, information or data they need, when they need it, something that’s invaluable in time-sensitive situations.

Unbeatable Design

Weighing just a few kilograms and made from the latest aviation grade carbon materials, the Zenith is light, durable and reliable. Its cutting edge design has been developed by combining 3D printing techniques with state of the art materials and revolutionary aeronautical concepts, resulting in a drone that offers exceptionally high performance in a range of conditions. The Zenith is available with either four or eight brushless motors, making it easy to find the model that suits your needs perfectly.

Smooth Control

The Aerialtronics Altura Zenith offers a variety of control options, ensuring there’s a mode to suit every situation. Pilots that need precision control can use the joystick RF control module. Enabling either manual or GPS assisted flight, joystick control allows users to adjust the flight direction, payload and camera angles from the ground.

Alternatively, pilots can control the drone via their tablets. Intuitive and responsive, this method enables easy navigation and places flight information at pilots’ fingertips. When using this function, pilots can take advantage of the automated take off and flight settings, allowing instant control at the touch of a button.

Zenith Control

As well as automated take off and landing modes, the Zenith boasts a number of remote flight options. You can plan a set route by inputting a series of waypoints into the drone’s system, or you can set the drone to follow and film you using its Dog Mode/Follow Me setting.

Elite Quality

With a revolutionary design, state of the art build, versatile controls and a variable payload, the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith really does have it all. Its high quality materials ensure the drone will continue to perform to its optimum potential even in difficult conditions, while the Zenith’s impressive flight time, deceptively powerful motors and contemporary looks ensure it stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Offering real value for money, this is one drone that is guaranteed to deliver every time.

Zenith IBM
Aerialtronics have recently partnered with IBM for their Watson Internet of Things tool.

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