Massive Black Friday Sale at Coptrz

Black Friday is coming and so we wanted to update you with what big offers we have for you running until Sunday midnight! 0% finance is available on all of the below deals. Call 01709 599 458 if you have any questions.

DJI Phantom 4 & CAA Drone Training Course for £1,549.20+VAT

Save £519.80+VAT – 26%

0% finance available


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DJI Inspire Pro & CAA Drone Training Course for £3,313.50+VAT

Save £596.50+VAT – 16%

0% finance available


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DJI Inspire V2 & CAA Drone Training Course for £2,076.90+VAT

Save £459.10+VAT – 19%

0% finance available

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DJI Inspire RAW & FREE CAA Drone Training Course for £3,499+VAT

Save £995+VAT – 28%

0% finance available


Learn more about DJI Inspire RAW offer

Black Friday 2016 takes place on 25th November and Coptrz are offering massive savings for those that wish to buy a drone and CAA drone training courses together. You are able to pick any course date that is available here:

All of our offers are available whilst stock of equipment is available, so be sure to call us on 01709 599 458 with any questions you might have about the drones or course this Black Friday.

Our CAA Drone Training Course is available in Sheffield, Heathrow, Brighton, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Ramsgate.

With the CAA Permission for Commercial Operation Course from COPTRZ™, you’ll receive motivating training in a fun environment that’s much more than the piece of paper for your aerial permissions. You’ll understand the true benefits and opportunities presented by skilled drone flying: the more training you put in at the start, the higher fees you can command! It pays to take a full, fun, engaging CAA PfCO Course rather than a short course that only qualifies you on the most basic level.

How Will Pix4Dmapper Change The Way You Do Business?

Drones are fantastic tools for such a wide range of industries, from construction to real estate, marketing to education, agriculture to emergency services. But knowing what to do with the sheer volume of data a drone can capture can be intimidating. Creating clear visuals from drone images can take a long time, and be a complex process. Unless, of course, you use Pix4Dmapper.

Pix4Dmapper: The Industry Standard (Whatever Industry You’re In)

Since launching in 2011, Pix4D has become a buzzword amongst experienced engineers using drone data. The company has developed several sector-specific packages, such as the Agri version for precise agricultural applications.

There are several reasons why Pix4D has become a leader in drone data processing:

1) The software is adaptable to any industry – there’s no limit to the application

2) Fast processing compared to its competitors – show clients the visuals on a faster timescale

3) No specialist equipment is required – the software can process images from consumer-quality cameras

4) Wide range of mapping results – Whether you need 3D point clouds, orthomosaic maps, exportable contour lines, 2D and 3D models, digital surface models or volume calculation of stockpiles… the list goes on. Continue reading “How Will Pix4Dmapper Change The Way You Do Business?”

Want to attend our Pix4D workshop but your decision maker says no?

Are you ready to bring your workplace up to date?

Thanks for taking an interest in our Pix4Dmapper workshops. You’re already one step ahead of the competition!

We know, however, that you’re probably going to have to persuade at least one more person before getting the A-OK on the purchase order to book you’re place. It’s OK: we’ve saved you the hassle. Below is an email template for you to use – just delete/add in details as you see fit!

We’re so glad you’re interested in the Pix4Dmapper workshops, because it really will change your business practices. The software is so efficient, has so many applications, and will significantly speed up your modelling processes. What’s not to love?

If you’re still having trouble getting the go-ahead from a budget-conscious boss, let us know. Just get in touch and tell us who we need to speak to – we’ll make sure your place is secured after a quick chat with your decision maker!

Thanks for your interest, and we hope to continue seeing you here at Coptrz. Continue reading “Want to attend our Pix4D workshop but your decision maker says no?”

Drone Surveys: A Major Port Case Study

A survey was commissioned by a major port authority in the UK for a fuelling jetty used by a global oil major. The organisation wanted to have a direct comparison between traditional hydrographic survey techniques and drone-based survey, to ascertain whether this can be met by drones for their future needs.


The survey site was not a straightforward one, because the security and safety standards of the site meant even getting access to conduct the survey was a complicated process. Prior to visiting the site, a full risk assessment had been successfully submitted.

Upon arrival on site, extensive ID checks were carried out before a safety briefing. It’s elements like this that any commercial drone pilot needs to take into account when planning a project: the ID and safety checks took more than two hours to complete. If not adequately factored in the survey window may turn out to be too short to accommodate. Continue reading “Drone Surveys: A Major Port Case Study”

Yuneec Tornado H920 Drone Review

The Yuneec Tornado H920 drone is marketed as a multi-rotor aerial photography and videography platform designed for professional use, and with a price tag to match! The three different models in the range (the CG04, GB603 and the V18 respectively) will set you back between £4,300 and £6,000 each, which is certainly not small change.

For a truly professional drone that simply does what you need it to do reliably and without a lot of problems, the right drone can be worth its weight in gold; but does the H920 live up to its promise, or are buyers left disappointed with its performance and quality where it counts? We’ve made it our mission to find out. Read on to find out more. Continue reading “Yuneec Tornado H920 Drone Review”

Micasense RedEdge vs Parrot Sequoia

If you are in the market for a multispectral camera that can revolutionise your drone use, two models you might well have come across are the Micasense RedEdge and the Parrot Sequoia. While a large factor in your final decision might come down to the budget you have at your disposal, here we run through the main features of each, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

reflectancemap_bl Continue reading “Micasense RedEdge vs Parrot Sequoia”

Aerialtronics Zenith: What you get for your money

Smooth, consistent flight, responsive controls, versatile payloads and resistance to adverse weather conditions make top of the range drones invaluable to a variety of professionals. With a huge amount of research, investment and innovation going into designing and building each machine, it’s no surprise that the very best models on the market come with price tags that reflect their quality and reliability.

One such drone is the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith. Incredibly advanced and boasting a number of state of the art features, the drone offers unbeatable results every time. So exactly what are you getting for your money when you buy a Zenith, and is this cutting edge drone really worth the investment? Continue reading “Aerialtronics Zenith: What you get for your money”

How to create captivating adverts with drones

Video has become the marketing king – adverts are everywhere thanks to the internet and smartphones. Everyone is doing it these days. Even us!

Check out our take on the new Milk Tray advert for 2016. The Milk Tray Man has never been seen this way before.

Continue reading “How to create captivating adverts with drones”

Why Civil Engineers use 3D Mapping

Using 3D mapping enables civil engineers to reduce the amount of time it takes to design, analyse and maintain an infrastructure, or implement any changes. Information-rich, intelligent 3D models are capable of spanning the infrastructure’s entire lifecycle, from the initial planning stages through to operation and maintenance.

Civil engineering professionals can enjoy a clearer understanding of project performance by maintaining more consistent data and responding faster to change. Continue reading “Why Civil Engineers use 3D Mapping”