Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO): The Benefits

by coptrz on June 21, 2017

permission for commercial operations

The fact that you’re reading this means you are more than likely thinking about acquiring your PfCO (permission for commercial operations), so you are already on the right track to becoming a commercial drone pilot. In this article, we’ll detail the benefits you can expect once you’ve attained your PfCO and how you can reap the rewards of your investment.

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Managing Mast Inspection with Drones: An AT&T Case Study

by coptrz on June 13, 2017

Mast Inspection Using Aerialtronics DroneCommercial organisations across the globe are waking up to the power of drone technology for surveying, including the major benefits offered for mast inspections – as shown by AT&T in the United States. Before we take a look at the case study, let’s delve into just a few of the many reasons that businesses around the world are using drones for inspections on cell towers, radio masts and other traditionally difficult-to-manage structures.

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Harnessing the Power of Drone Tethers

by coptrz on June 7, 2017

Harnessing the Power of Drone Tethers (including 5 things you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!)

As soon as we applauded the brilliance of human engineering capabilities for bringing drones into the mainstream, we decided we wanted more! Great, you’ve got a drone with a camera, but what about 4K video? Yeah, you might have designed a drone capable of carrying a 6KG payload, but we want to mount a LiDAR scanner and an HD camera. With high levels of adoption in the commercial world, UAV users are forcing manufacturers to push the boundaries of drone technology. Here we discuss drone tethers – one of the most important innovations in the UAV world.

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COPTRZ announce strategic partnership with FLIR, the thermal imaging experts.

by coptrz on

COPTRZ, the commercial drone experts, have agreed a strategic partnership to become the sole distributor of FLIR Vue Pro/R SUAS cameras in the UK.

The partnership will allow COPTRZ to further strengthen their product portfolio and provide a ‘best in world’ solution to businesses looking to use aerial thermal imaging as part of their drone strategy.

Steve Coulson, Managing Director of COPTRZ, explains his delight at partnering with FLIR, the global leader in manufacturing thermal imaging infrared cameras:

“At COPTRZ, it is our aim to provide the best products in the world to our customers, so we are extremely proud to be chosen as the sole distributor of FLIR Vue Pro/R thermal imaging infrared cameras here in the UK.

Over the past year, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of commercial industries utilising thermal imaging, with surveying, inspection and emergency services being the early adopters. COPTRZ are already working with several businesses in these industries, and we are delighted to be able to continue supporting them with the best drone thermal imaging cameras in the world.

I truly believe that aerial thermal imaging is the way forward for so many industrial uses of drones, and through this partnership we can continue to drive this growth and ensure that the UK stays at the leading edge of drone innovation.”



3 Sectors Set to be Transformed by Commercial Drones: #1 Surveying

by coptrz on June 2, 2017

Any business looking to stay ahead of the competition make it their mission to leverage the latest technological innovations. Commercial drones are one such innovation being discussed in boardrooms and offices around the world as business leaders continue to look for ways to use technology to improve their bottom line. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing how a commercial drone can improve the performance, productivity and profits of 3 key sectors.

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Getting Your Drone Business off the Ground: Marketing

by coptrz on May 25, 2017

Above the Mist by Ricardo Matiello

Above the Mist by Ricardo Matiello

Starting a drone business is an exciting, nerve wracking and demanding time. We know, we’ve been there! Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to focus on first, but one thing’s for sure; you’re going to need some customers. As much as we all love flying, without paying clients the dream can be over pretty much as soon as it’s begun.

Marketing is critical to the success of your drone business and it doesn’t have to be complicated. This short guide hopes to provide you with some insights as to where to prioritise your marketing efforts and give you access to some time saving tools and tips to get your business off the ground.


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Choosing a Drone for Commercial Applications

by coptrz on May 20, 2017

Drones are one of the most rapidly advancing technologies which are currently disrupting industries across the world. There are hundreds of drone manufacturers vying for business across the leisure and commercial market, with household names such as Parrot and Go-Pro now getting in on the act. But how do you go about choosing a drone that is right for you and your business?

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Eyes on the Sky UK Commercial Drone Report

by coptrz on May 17, 2017

COPTRZ, the commercial drone specialist, have released the UK’s first drone market intelligence report, ‘Eyes on the Sky’, gathered from a database of over 45,000 drone users and enthusiasts.

This report allows any business who has been toying with the idea of using drone technology to proceed with the confidence that this is a growing sector and demand for UAV services are increasing dramatically.

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5 of the Best Drone Friendly Locations in the UK – International Drone Day

by coptrz on May 6, 2017

It’s International Drone Day today, so forget locking yourself in a darkened cinema or gloomy pub this weekend, grab your drone and head outdoors!

scottish highlands drone imagery

Drone filming and photography are allowing us to gain a new perspective on this stunning country of ours and with many parts of the UK often ranking highly on ‘most beautiful destination’ lists, perhaps it’s time you took your drone on a holiday? Here, we suggest 5 places where you can safely fly and capture some amazing imagery to boot!

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