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5 Steps to Kickstart a Drone Construction Business

Construction is one of the sectors which has benefitted greatly from drone technology in recent years. Surveyors are able to get a birds-eye view of a site, feeding into construction planning, offering the opportunity to improve both accuracy and efficiency in the process. Inspections, health and safety, maintenance and marketing are other elements of construction … Continued

14th August 2018

How to use drones to assess construction sites

Drones are providing valuable work across many diverse industries today, with the aircraft found everywhere from the mine to the warehouse and even the battlefield. But one place where drones have proved to have the biggest impact is on the construction site. Drones have become as common on the construction site as the dump truck … Continued

13th August 2018

VTOL drone WingtraOne used in wildlife research to cuts risk, cost and time

Murdoch University in Australia recently undertook a UAV solution evaluation due to their need to monitor endangered sea mammals. This evaluation led them to the WingtraOne VTOL. Dr Christopher Cleguer and Dr Amanda Hodgson were led to the WingtraOne to help them monitor an endangered species of sea mammal called the Dugong. A drone is … Continued

11th August 2018

The critical factors to consider in a drone pre-flight checklist

There are some crucial elements to consider before every drone flight to ensure your aircraft, the environment and the people within it will be safe. A pre-flight checklist will ensure you take into consideration every factor which may impact on the safety of your flying time. Pilots like mnemonics to help them easily remember pre-flight … Continued

10th August 2018

Using Drones for Good, Part 1: Saving Our Oceans

Drones often make the news for all the wrong reasons. Whether it’s the reckless flying into no-fly zones, the spying on neighbours or the potential assassination of a president. Whenever we turn on the news, it seems drones are up to no good. But these news stories always focus on the outlier events. Rarely do … Continued

9th August 2018

Fixed Wing vs Multirotor Drones for Surveying

The use of drones for surveying and mapping has expanded in recent years as geospatial and construction companies realise the benefits that these systems provide. Today‚Äôs drones can collect much more detailed data than traditional survey methods allowing 3D maps to be created and shared easily online. But these advances in technology have created a … Continued

8th August 2018

Innovair: Using the DJI Matrice 210 for land surveying and inspection

COPTRZ recently had the opportunity to speak to Andrew Johnston, Director of Inspection at Innovair. Andrew has over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and is a qualified UAV pilot. He specialises in advanced and remote inspection technology and programme & software development. Drones are becoming an increasingly popular tool used … Continued

7th August 2018

How Venezuelan Drone Assassination Attempt Could Have Been Prevented

The need for drone detection at major events recently came to light following an assassination attempt on the Venezuelan president. Nicolas Maduro (Venezuelan president) survived the attack after several drones armed with explosives flew towards him during a speech at a military parade. Maduro was fortunate to come out of the situation unharmed as the … Continued

7th August 2018