Getting Your Drone Business off the Ground: Marketing

by coptrz on May 25, 2017

Above the Mist by Ricardo Matiello

Above the Mist by Ricardo Matiello

Starting a drone business is an exciting, nerve wracking and demanding time. We know, we’ve been there! Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to focus on first, but one thing’s for sure; you’re going to need some customers. As much as we all love flying, without paying clients the dream can be over pretty much as soon as it’s begun.

Marketing is critical to the success of your drone business and it doesn’t have to be complicated. This short guide hopes to provide you with some insights as to where to prioritise your marketing efforts and give you access to some time saving tools and tips to get your business off the ground.


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Choosing a Drone for Commercial Applications

by coptrz on May 20, 2017

Drones are one of the most rapidly advancing technologies which are currently disrupting industries across the world. There are hundreds of drone manufacturers vying for business across the leisure and commercial market, with household names such as Parrot and Go-Pro now getting in on the act. But how do you go about choosing a drone that is right for you and your business?

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Eyes on the Sky UK Commercial Drone Report

by coptrz on May 17, 2017

COPTRZ, the commercial drone specialist, have released the UK’s first drone market intelligence report, ‘Eyes on the Sky’, gathered from a database of over 45,000 drone users and enthusiasts.

This report allows any business who has been toying with the idea of using drone technology to proceed with the confidence that this is a growing sector and demand for UAV services are increasing dramatically.

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5 of the Best Drone Friendly Locations in the UK – International Drone Day

by coptrz on May 6, 2017

It’s International Drone Day today, so forget locking yourself in a darkened cinema or gloomy pub this weekend, grab your drone and head outdoors!

scottish highlands drone imagery

Drone filming and photography are allowing us to gain a new perspective on this stunning country of ours and with many parts of the UK often ranking highly on ‘most beautiful destination’ lists, perhaps it’s time you took your drone on a holiday? Here, we suggest 5 places where you can safely fly and capture some amazing imagery to boot!

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by coptrz on May 4, 2017

Hello, I’m David Johnson. And coming up on the latest “Coptrz” news update, U.K. Minister of Defense Harriet Baldwin has called for proposals for autonomous systems to deliver supplies to troops in the field. In the U.K. police and prison officers are setting up a specialist unit to tackle drones flying drugs, porn, and phones into jails. And Amazon and the CAA are inviting primary school children to design a drone with a chance to win a tour of Amazon Prime’s Air Development Center in Cambridge up for grabs.

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6 Ways Drones Surveys Can Help Lower Insurance Premiums & Boost Profits – A Guide for Insurers

by coptrz on May 3, 2017

storm damage captured by drone

Insurance is risky business. From fraud to first response at times of trouble, insurance investigations can be expensive and lengthy processes for both the provider and the claimant. We investigate how the drones are a game-changer for insurance surveys and how the latest automated drone technologies are a win-win for insurance companies looking to boost profits and customers hoping to lower their premiums.

A recent study by PwC predicts that drone powered solutions could be worth $6.8 billion in the insurance industry alone, having highlighted the sector as one of eight which could be revolutionized by this growing disruptive technology. Scroll to find out how drones can improve safety, fight fraud and lower costs for everyone.

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DJI Matrice 210 RTK – Widening the Horizons for Drones in Surveying

by coptrz on April 12, 2017


Surveying is a big opportunity for drone operators. But until now, development in the sector has been hampered by a lack of drones built specifically for that market. Enter the Matrice 210 RTK: the latest addition to the Matrice 200 Series. It’s built for surveying, construction and similar industries, with additional features that make it easier to operate in any conditions.

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