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Are you ready to start your drone training with the UK’s only OFQUAL Certified Training provider? You’re in safe hands when you enrol on a Drone Training Course with COPTRZ whether it’s a PfCO, GVC or CofC course.

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Why Choose COPTRZ?

Drone Training Locations

Locations UK Wide

We provide our CAA drone training at 11 UK locations including Barnsley, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Hampshire, Belfast, Brighton, Rugby and Kent, Norfolk, Aberdeen and Leeds.

Drone Training

Expert Accredited Trainers

We are proud to have one of the most highly qualified teams in the country, having trained over 1,800 pilots for their CAA permissions.

PfCO Operations Manual

Ops Manual Support

We provide unrivalled operations manual support. Included with your course is a full day walkthrough and expert review prior to CAA submission.

Unrivalled UK Customer Support


You'll receive ongoing support with access to the COPTRZ Pilots™ group. A hub of like-minded drone pilots sharing advice and tender opportunities.

CAA Approved Drone Training

CPD Certificate Included

If you sit the Coptrz PfCO course you'll get a free CPD Certificate.

Commercial Drone Suppliers

World-renowned Suppliers

We work with multiple world-renowned suppliers enabling us to provide your perfect drone solution.

“To fly a drone commercially in the UK you need to gain a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority. As an approved NQE our CAA approved Drone Training Course will give you the full up-to-date package of skills, knowledge and experience needed to apply for your PfCO.

If you enrol on a drone training course with us between now and 1st July 2020 then we promise to offer you the A2 CofC Training and Theory assessment Free of Charge.

Don’t delay your drone training, take your PfCO now as the legislation doesn’t come into effect until 1st July 2020 and your PfCO will still be valid until it’s expiry date, 12 months after it is issued. If you would like more information then click the blog post below.”

Daniel Wilson, Head of Training


“Since 2018 Coptrz have become our sole training provider. Along with pilot NQE qualifications, vocational lessons have also been given on how to use drones to complete survey-grade photogrammetry, We’ve purchased a host of assets from Coptrz and made them our “one-stop-shop” for all things UAV.”

Jonathan Wales, Head of Videography and Aerial Solutions, COSTAIN
Day 1 & 2 Ground School

The first two days of the COPTRZ CAA Drone Training Course will cover your theory learning and theory assessment. Your trainer will take you through the full 8 modules required by the CAA, after which you will complete a multiple choice examination.

  • UAS Airspace Operating Principles
  • Airmanship & Aviation Safety
  • Air Law & Responsibilities
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation Charts
  • Human Factors
  • Aircraft Knowledge
  • Operating Procedures

The course covers everything you need to do to plan for a live job. It will also offer you an insight into getting your commercial drone business off the ground. Your trainer will walk you through the process of completing pre-flight planning, safe setup and site surveying. They will also talk you through the flight assessment process.

Day 3 Flight Assessment

You can complete your flight assessment on the third day of the course if you feel confident in your drone flying abilities and have completed the prerequisites. The flight assessment is included in the cost of the course and can be rearranged for a later date if required. (NQE No: 2785)


“Thank you for your patience and communications whilst we arranged the NQE training at the University of Liverpool. I have had positive feedback from all of the candidates who took part in the course over the last two days. Personally I found the classroom sessions both interesting and useful. The trainer delivered a clear and concise course and was happy to share his knowledge and experience with us.”

Peter Gethin, Senior Archaeological Laboratory Technician, Liverpool Uni



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“On the COPTRZ course, the way that you are taught to think about every single aspect of flight planning and flights really helps. You soon realise how unsafe so many pilots are and how much there is to learn. By having a PfCO I feel more respected as a ‘pilot’ and feel that it adds credibility to the whole industry that these measures are in place.”

Adam Watkin, Managing Director, AeroMedia Wales Limited

We provide our CAA drone training at 11 UK locations including Barnsley, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Hampshire, Belfast, Brighton, Rugby and Kent, Norfolk, Aberdeen and Leeds. Click below to find out when the next course dates are.