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Anti-drone technology for airports


Due to the pronounced rise in drones taking to the air over the past few years, it is more important than ever to take extra responsibility to control the skies.

Drone detection solutions have become important to ensure that airports stay as safe as possible from any threats in the sky.

News recently came to light highlighting the issues, when a drone has a near-miss with a commercial flight (read more here). With both Heathrow and the Lesage Airport reporting near-misses with drones, it has highlighted just how important software like Aeroscope can be for airports. With Aeroscope, these issues could have been prevented.




It has become increasingly important for festivals to utilise Aeroscope, mainly due to the large crowds that gather. It is currently illegal to fly a drone with 150m of open-air gatherings of more than 1000 people.

Drones could be used to illegally capture imagery and breach broadcasting rights. They could also cause injury to festival-goers. All of these issues present an issue to a festival organiser, whose responsibility is to ensure the safety of the attendees.

The Aeroscope could track any drone from distance before it poses a threat to festival-goers.

Drone Detection Service

High-Profile Events

High-profile events are some of the biggest occasions that are threatened by drones. The monitoring of drone activity has become an important part of event management.

In the past, Aeroscope has thwarted illegal drone activity at the G20 summit. The Aeroscope managed to detect 18 “infringement incidents”. It was used to identify real-time illegal drone activity during the summit, with their being a 20km no-fly zone in place.

The system was able to obtain every illegal drone operators UAV serial code, make and model, UAV position, speed, latitude and ground controller location, before passing on this information to police teams on the ground, who were then able to react accordingly.

Military Facilities

Drones are of huge threat to military facilities, and drone detection software is capable of assessing, measuring, and responding to adversarial aerial threats from UAVs.

Drones pose a number of threats, ranging from espionage to physical threats to security. Drones have previously nearly collided with coast guard and army helicopters.

Aeroscope technology allows for these threats to be located before they become an incident.


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It’s important for stadiums to invest in anti-drone security due to incidents that have occurred in the past. Drones threaten broadcasting rights, as well as the safety of the people within the stadium grounds.

In 2015, a man was arrested and fined for illegally flying his drone over professional football stadiums in the UK during matches. The pilot was arrested on two separate occasions.

With counterdrone technology, this incident could have been avoided, as the drone would have been flagged up up-to 20km away from the grounds.