AeroScope – DJI Drone Detection System

The use of drones has grown tremendously over the past 2 years, both in hobbyist and commercial aspects. With the increasing number of drones taking to the skies, naturally, there is a growing concern for public safety, air traffic safety and privacy. In response, DJI, in partnership with COPTRZ, has unveiled AeroScope, a new solution to identify and monitor airborne drones with existing technology that can address safety, security and privacy concerns.

AeroScope is a purpose-built drone detection system, allowing a user to track telemetry data from DJI aircraft in surrounding airspace of up to 40km. (25 miles). In effect, it’s a drone licence plate detection system that provides significant safety benefits when deployed in areas at risk of illegal drone activity.  It will ease drone safety concerns at various locations including airports, military facilities, stadiums, festivals and prisons which have seen a significant increase in illegal drone activity.

DJI AeroScope

What can AeroScope track?

AeroScope’s real-time monitoring system intercepts data passed between the drone and controller, enabling the user to:

  • Detect all DJI drones in range
  • Locate the geographical location of the pilot
  • Track the drones flight path
  • Identify speed and altitude of the aircraft
  • View historical data of drones that were once in range

DJI AeroScope Software

Upon identification of a drone in range, the AeroScope operator can access the easy-to-use platform to view real-time data including UAV serial code, make/model of aircraft, UAV position, speed, latitude and home location.

Portable and Stationary Drone Detection Units

AeroScope is available in both portable and stationary units, providing a complete drone-detection solution for any scenario.

Portable AeroScope suitability: Urgent temporary meeting or event with no time and place to prepare, mobile covert operations.

Stationary AeroScope suitability: Airport, airline route, prison, military restricted area, government security area, stadiums, temporary event (with time to setup)

DJI AeroScope Airport

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