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One of the most versatile commercial drones on the market, the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith will guarantee you consistently high quality results in even the most challenging conditions. Ideal for a wide variety of uses, the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith can be used for gas detection, radiation monitoring, LIDAR and of course filming. A range of extra functions and capabilities offer further scope for innovation, with the drone's exceptional performance backed up by ground breaking design and a cutting edge build.

Combining the very best in precision engineering with state of the art materials and contemporary good looks, this is one drone that will impress you at every opportunity.


One of the most important features of the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith is the drone’s variable payload. The aircraft boasts a modular payload system which allows cameras or sensors to be swapped out in seconds, allowing you to optimise your operations and get more time in the air.

The Zenith is compatible with a wide variety of payload holders, all of which can be mounted in moments. The patented Altura Cardan payload adaptor is built into the Zenith. This comes complete with an integrated vibration dampening system, ensuring you a smooth flight no matter which payload option you choose.

The Aerialtronics Altura Zenith can handle payloads of up to 2.9kg, an incredibly impressive amount for such a lightweight machine.


Though many users will choose the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith for its massive payload capabilities alone, the drone doesn’t disappoint when it comes to build quality. In fact, the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith has been designed and built to exceptionally high standards, providing users with unprecedented quality and ensuring the drone will perform as it should in all conditions.

Every single component in the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith has been built from the highest quality materials, with cutting edge electronics encased in the durable, lightweight body. This uncompromising build allows the Zenith to perform to the limit of its capabilities, giving users an unparalleled flying experience.


As you’d expect from a drone of this calibre, the design of the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith is completely unique. Streamlined, lightweight and strong, every part of the Zenith has been designed to ensure the aircraft is well balanced, fast and versatile.

The Aerialtronics Altura Zenith’s super flat design hides a number of state of the art technical features, giving this futuristic aircraft a deceptively simple aesthetic. Thanks to the drone’s precision engineered design, the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith is capable of speeds of up to 20mph, even in rain, snow and winds of 30mph.

At no point during the construction of the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith was the design of the drone compromised, resulting in a machine that offers exceptional performance across almost all areas. This innovative design was achieved by throwing out the old templates and starting from scratch. By building a machine using the latest technologies, materials and ideas, the team behind the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith were able to come up with something truly revolutionary.


One of the most impressive features of the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith is its capability for automated flight. The drone offers several options for autonomous flight with a number of features built into the machine’s systems.

If you have a pre-arranged route that you need to survey, film or scan, you can create a flight path by inputting a series of waypoints. This allows the drone to collect data independently over a set search zone.

As the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith has a GPS enabled GCS tablet built in, it also boasts a Dog Mode/Follow Me setting. When using this function, the drone will follow and film you autonomously. What’s more, it’s also possible to start, take off and land the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith automatically simply by flicking a switch.


When it’s not being flown automatically, the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith has a number of control options. Fly the Zenith using Joystick RF Control for precision and accuracy. As well as enabling manual and GPS assisted flight, the Joystick RF Control module allows pilots to adjust the flight direction, alter the payload and change the camera angle from the ground.

Another option is to use your tablet to fly the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith. The intuitive interface makes this option suitable for pilots of all levels. What’s more you’ll be able to easily access flight information, automated functions and navigation tools.

Pilots can quickly and easily select the control method that’s right for their project, employing the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith’s automated features wherever necessary. This flexibility makes the drone ideal for a wide range of situations and gives users full control over the machine’s flight and performance.


With either a 10,000mAh or 20,000mAh high performance battery built into the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith, the machine is capable of incredibly impressive flight times. When fully charged, the drone can fly for up to 35 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get the shots you need.


As well as its unique design, high quality build, impressive flight times and flexible control options, the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith is also an incredibly powerful machine. Boasting over 2400watts of power, the drone is equipped with either four or eight brushless motors to enable optimal torque, rpm and energy efficiency ratios. These cutting edge brushless motors, combined with the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith’s 16-inch propellers, produce more than 16kg of vertical thrust, placing a huge amount of power at the pilot's fingertips.

Despite the drone’s strength, the machine is still incredibly safe and a routine flight with the recommended payload only flies at around 40% of the aircraft’s maximum power. This leaves plenty of room for manoeuvre and ensures the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith always delivers when it needs to.

Thanks to its unprecedented built quality, unique design and cutting edge technical features, the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith is one of the very best commercial drones on the market. A workhorse of the industry, this impressive machine can operate reliably in a variety of extreme conditions, delivering unbeatable results every time.

When you are looking for your next drone for your business or service, consider these questions:

  • Does your drone have 35 mins flight time?

  • Does your drone have multiple redundancy for close proximity work permits?

  • Does your drone have the capability to lift up to nearly 3KG?

  • Is your drone recognised as the Industry Standard in terms of weatherproofing?

  • Does your drone have an option to operate on its own tether?

  • Does your drone offer dual infra-red and visual video feed in the same package?

  • Does your drone allow you to operate for nearly the full year?

  • Does your drone allow for multiple quick change payloads such as DSLR cameras / LIDAR / Thermal / Gas detection?