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What you get with this drone:

  • £200 in CAA training vouchers (worth £200)
  • Making money from drones Seminar (worth £199)
  • Making money from drones ebook (worth £199)
  • Professional Flight coaching (worth £495)

The Acecore Neo is a sophisticated and highly versatile unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), designed for use in a broad range of applications, from forestry to film-making. Incorporating highly advanced drone technology, the Neo will exceed all your expectations, whatever you choose to use it for. Acecore is a leading manufacturer of remotely operated aerial vehicles, using the latest innovations to bring you the very best in drone technology. 

The sleek, futuristic design means that the Neo resembles a work of art, rather than an industrial drone. Lightweight and agile, this powerful UAV is capable of performing in the most challenging environments. Stand-out features include:

  • Aerospace carbon fibre construction
  • 8 specialist powerful brushless motors
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Compatible with various battery packs to accommodate a range of payloads from to 9.5kg
  • Can be used with any gimbal and camera within the payload range
  • Autopilot system from DJI Innovations
  • Flight duration up to 30 minutes

The rainproof construction allows you to make more use of the Neo even in rain or snow. Motors are inverted to keep them better protected from the elements in adverse weather conditions. Manufactured from 93% carbon fibre, the Neo is both lightweight and robust. Despite weighing just 6.85kg, it is designed to maintain performance even in strong gusts of wind, thanks to its eight powerful brushless motors and vibration damping technology. 

The electronics components are housed in the carbon fibre casing, and the design of the framework allows air to circulate around the electronics, helping to avoid any risk of over-heating in high temperatures. The eight motor design provides for redundancy, so you can fly the UAV back safely even in the event of one or two motors failing. 

The Neo’s controller puts you in the driver’s seat, offering high levels of accuracy for manoeuvring your drone, to ensure you get the images or data you need. Hovering accuracy is refined to approximately 0.5m in a vertical direction, and 2.0m horizontal. Maximum ascent and descent speed is 6 m/s, while the 5% offset positioning of the motors allows you to control the drone through a smooth descent. 

The A3 autopilot system from market-leading drone software provider, DJI Innnovations, give you complete control of the drone. You have a choice of three autopilot modes. Special features include Go Home and Auto Landing. Enhanced failsafe technology allows the UAV to continue to travel and land if a problem occurs, such as damage to one or more propellers. 

You can fly the Acecore Neo for up to 30 minutes within a 9,000 feet range and at a maximum altitude of 9,000 feet. It is designed to be fitted with a choice of batteries, so you can select a suitable battery capacity for your intended use and payload. 

Your Acecore Neo is assembled and flight tested before being dispatched to you, so when your drone arrives, it’s ready for you to use straight away. 

Your Neo package includes:

  • Neo controller with telemetry
  • A3 flight controller
  • Brushless motors, 1200W
  • Carbon fibre propellers 
  • Gimbal attachment plate
  • Landing gear
  • 2 x lithium polymer batteries
  • 12V bec output
  • 24V output
  • Spare parts package (propellers, Servo landing gear, nuts & bolts)
  • Manual

If you would like to tdemo before you buy, contact us 01709 599 458 to speak to one of our advisors. We would be delighted to arrange a demo for you, so you can see for yourself just what the Acecore Neo has to offer. 

Choose the features package to suit your needs, including:

HD video and photography

  • HD video capability
  • 720p video downlink
  • Brushless 360° gimbal
  • 22k+ megapixel for stills
  • Retractable landing gear

High end filmmaking 

  • 4k+ quality video
  • Use multiple cameras with a flexible gimbal
  • Enhanced camera control, allowing you to zoom in and out
  • Full HD video downlink (1080p)

Professional photography

  • Superior resolution camera – 36mpx for stills photography
  • Retractable landing gear to avoid any camera obstruction.

Our team of experts at Coptrz will be happy to advise you about which items and accessories would be the most relevant for your business, and to help you to get the most from your UAV. 

The Coptrz difference: going above and beyond

  • Unrivalled customer service
  • Training courses available
  • Premier DJI partner in UK
  • Free next day delivery

When you buy a UAV from Coptrz, you can buy with confidence, thanks to our team of experts who are here to help, not just before you buy, but afterwards too. We provide comprehensive after-sales support, to help you get the most from your drone. Should you have any problems or need any guidance on operating your UAV, you can rely on our support team for assistance. From answering a quick query to arranging a training session for you or your team, we are committed to making sure you get the information you need to use your UAV to the full. 

Call us now on 01709 599 458 for more details of our support services.

Drone technology is proving to be invaluable in a rapidly expanding range of sectors, bringing affordable solutions to challenging business demands. Highly accurate aerial surveying, filming and photography can be carried out at a fraction of the cost of using a manned vehicle, and far more rapidly. 
The Acecore Neo is also a very useful tool for the emergency services, who can use it for:

  • surveillance for major public events
  • gathering intelligence in locations which are difficult to access
  • photographing incident scenes for evidence, e.g. RTAs (including trials of pioneering 3D imaging) 
  • looking for missing person(s) 
  • tracking suspects
  • getting images for assessing risks in emergencies, including hostage situations

With real-time image download capability, your UAV becomes your eye in the sky. To find out more about how the Acecore Neo can help bring a new perspective to your business, call us on 01709 599 458.

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