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About Coptrz

Coptrz are here to help you realise the potential that commercial drones can add to your business, or even just your hobby. The applications are never ending, with new reasons to fly a drone appearing every day. 

We are a large UK company that manufacturers and trains thousands of people globally on a range of our marine, medical and aviation products.

Our time with drones started many years ago in different industries, so you could say we know a bit about them. Being establised within the unmanned aerial system community, Coptrz can provide you with everything under one roof. The team at Coptrz have grown their UAV knowledge to supprt drone pilots with supplying professional systems, providing CAA Training and also hands on flight training enabling you to be the best at what you do.

We also excel to support our customers and so Coptrz guarantee we will give telephone support for the lifetime of the product you buy from us. As we love helping our customers and are currently building a pilot network. Coptrz get many request to provide an aerial service, but we prefer to give this work to our network of drone pilots. Sign up today to be a member of the network.